Step by Step Love Hunt: His First Love

Step by Step Love Hunt: His First Love



Returning to the past, the thing Yun Xiang most wanted to do was to prevent her seventeen-year-old self from falling in love with the eighteen-year-old Xia Jun Chen. However, when her twenty-six-year-old soul inhabited another seventeen-year-old girl's body, everything turned out differently than she expected. The future BOSS, Mo Xing Ze, forcibly moved into her current residence. Thus began a tumultuous cohabiting life. An unexpected car accident sent Yun Xiang back to her twenty-six-old self. She treated it as nothing more than a dream and believed everything would be the same upon awakening. Yet, everything changed once she reappeared before Mo Xing Ze. To her, it was merely a matter of months, but for Mo Xing Ze, it was a person he obsessed over for nine years. How could he allow her to escape from his world once again? As she prepared to leave, Mo Xing Ze gritted his teeth and held her back, "Yun Xiang, I've waited for you for nine years. Is it that hard for you to wait for nine minutes?" Tears welled up in Yun Xiang's eyes, "I thought you didn't want me anymore." In a fit of irritation, Mo Xing Ze tried everything possible to keep her by his side for a lifetime.
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In a certain office building in City B, on the rooftop.

Looking at the neon lights in the city, a woman perched dangerously on the balcony of the top floor, one foot hanging mid-air. Before her were six or seven cans of beer, some of which were already finished.


As the wind blew her hair, a faint bitter chuckle echoed.

Her phone on the balcony kept ringing, as she glanced at the unceasing incoming messages on WeChat, nothing but bitterness filled her.

What should have been celebration for others turned out to be a darn irony for her.

Originally, she was working overtime tonight with her WeChat constantly notifying her of new messages.

Caught by curiosity, she clicked in to check.

The source of the messages was a WeChat group, filled with her university classmates who she studied with Zhou Jun Chen.

Many people were egging on in the group, some were posting pictures and videos.

Looking at the pink wedding scene, she raised her eyebrow in amusement, clicked on the video, wondering who among her university mates was getting married this time?

Under the pink lilies, a man in a suit hugged a lovely woman with a smile. The woman seemed a bit shy, continually burying her face in the man's chest. Many voices teasing the couple came from the video, among which she could recognize some familiar voices.

The man in the glasses with gold rims had a very gentle smile, the corner of his lips slightly upturned, clearly showing his good mood.

But when she got a good look at the face of the man in the suit, Yun Xiang almost dropped her phone.

After being in love for seven years, she could depict his face even with her eyes closed. Yet he was the one getting married.

Finally, she understood why a week ago, he decisively wanted to break up with her.

Men...once their feelings change, they leave faster than anyone you've ever known.

Yunxiang picked up a can of beer and gulped it down. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a grand award ceremony being broadcast on the big screen across the square where the president of MY Group attended with a mysterious woman.

Everyone knows that the president of MY Group, Mo Xingze, is a model example of tall, rich, and handsome. His companies span various industries, and despite his young age, his assets exceed 10 billion.

Even the fashion company Yunxiang works for is a subsidiary of MY Group.

Many people fantasize about Mo Xingze, yet he is indifferent to women.

Some media subtly suggested that Mo Xingze might have different tastes.

And he had never bothered to clarify.

To everyone's surprise, he's now appeared with a woman on his arm. All spotlights are focused on Mo Xingze and the woman beside him. Reporters are questioning whether this lady is the future mistress of MY Group.

Yunxiang, holding a can of beer towards the screen, says in her drunken haze, "Congratulations, all of you just love adding salt to my wounds. What's so great about having a girlfriend? Long live singledom!"

Just as she was speaking, her phone rang abruptly.

"Hello?" She had barely spoken when Tian Xiaoye's frantic voice came from the other end, "Yunxiang, where are you?"

"Oh, I'm at the office."

"You're not working overtime again, are you? Get over here now, I'm at the Four Seasons Hotel." Tian Xiaoye's voice was not pleasant, her eyes squinting at a newlywed couple in front of her, "Guess who I saw?"

"Xia Jun Chen," Yunxiang said calmly.

Tian Xiaoye's hand paused momentarily on her phone as she asked hesitantly, "You know already?"

"Mmm," Yunxiang answered softly. She said something afterward, but Tian Xiaoye couldn't remember what it was. By the time she came back to reality, her phone had disappeared.

After she finished the last beer can, the live broadcast across from her also ended.

True to the saying, once the music ends, the crowd disperses.

Stumbling slightly, she climbed down from the balcony. No matter how broken-hearted one was, they still had to hustle in life. She still hadn't completed her work for the day, and it was destined to be another all-nighter.

As soon as her feet touched the ground, she stepped on a beer can, causing her to lose balance. Involuntarily, she fell flat onto the concrete floor, hitting her head quite hard. As she was about to lose consciousness, Yunxiang couldn't help but think, "If only I hadn't met Xia Junchen, at least my heart wouldn't ache as much now..."


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