Bossy CEO's Enchanting Wife

Bossy CEO's Enchanting Wife



Xu Yanxi was delighted to return home to fulfill her marriage contract, only to discover the news of her fiancé tying the knot with her tea-drinking younger sister! In a fit of rage, she married her guy best friend, not expecting that he had mistaken their marriage certificate, making her his second aunt?! Her lawful husband turned out to be the ruthless, all-dominating, woman-hating second master of the Ye family in the legend! Xu Yanxi was frightened, "You can't mean it, my husband is that demon?!" Her guy best friend consoled, "At least we're now family, all these are not important." Xu Yanxi, "...” Xu Yanxi lived in fear everyday, dreading someone discovering the marriage certificate. She didn't expect the photo of the marriage license to suddenly top the trending topics list! "This, this, this... Second Master, quickly take down the trend!!" The Second Master remained calm, "I have just paid for it to go up, why take it down now?" Xu Yanxi was shocked, "But why? Our marriage was just an accident." The Second Master's expression grew stern, pinning her to the wall, "My feelings for you, are not accidental."
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"Zixuan Chu, that dog of a man," Ye Huai vents his indignation. "I can't believe he had the audacity to sleep with your sister. I thought 'a rabbit does not eat the grass around its burrow', but he's disgusting!"

"How could such a scumbag be the CEO of a top entertainment company? I swear, I'd like to take a cleaver to him and chop that bit of fat off his body!"

Beside him, Xu Yanxi keeps her lips sealed shut. She numbly pours hard liquor into her mouth, choking on the drink until tears stream down her face. She just returned to the country to investigate an accident that happened four years ago, along with fulfilling her marriage promise to Zixuan Chu.

Barely having time to settle down after her flight, Ye Huai informs her that her fiancé, Zixuan Chu, has been cheating. The mistress turns out to be her half-sister from the same father, Xu Wei!

In the picture, a naked man and woman are entwined in each other's arms, leaving no room for misunderstanding.

Xu Yanxi grips her phone, trembling with fury. How dare that man cuckold her?

Seeing her like this, Ye Huai hugs her shoulders, trying to console her.

"Baby, he's just a rotten man; he's not worth your tears."

"He won't be lucky enough to marry you, but I will."

Xu Yanxi, hazy with liquor, closes her eyes slightly and leans weakly against Ye Huai. She mumbles unclearly, " said can't take it back..."

Ye Huai sighs. His gaze happens to fall on the raw scar on her exposed ankle, and his heart aches even more.

"When have I ever lied to you? I will definitely keep my promise!"

"But how did you get this scar? We are going to be husband and wife, don't you plan to talk to me about it?"


At the mention, Xu Yanxi slowly opened her eyes, her gaze carrying a moment of bewilderment, her thoughts suddenly transported back to a night four years ago.

That night, she was on a small island abroad, the streets filled with the sounds of gunfire and swear words of all accents pervading her ears.

"Four years ago, I was at a street corner when I was suddenly grabbed by a man, who begged me to save him. As you know, people die abroad every day for various reasons, and I am not a living bodhisattva. How can I save anyone?"

"I originally planned to ignore him, but he was speaking Chinese. Taking him as a compatriot, my heart softened and I saved him."

"I hid him inside a trash can. The scene was too chaotic at the time, I don't even know how I got a cut on my leg..."

Xu Yanxi, now quite intoxicated, said all this drowsily before her voice started to drop.

Ye Huai sighed, "Don't do such dangerous things next time. It's good that it was just a leg injury, what if he were a dangerous fugitive? What if you risk your own life over this?"

"Forget it, let's stop talking about it. We're going to get our marriage license in a bit, I'll be your husband!"

"Are you really sure?"

Xu Yanxi roused herself and looked at him, her eyes squinted slightly due to tiredness, and she warned seriously,

"If you agree, you can't back out or I will 'waste' you!"

Ye Huai instinctively clamped his legs together, shaking his head repeatedly in loyalty, "No backing out, definitely no backing out!"


An hour later.

The two came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau and booked a hotel room, both collapsing on the soft bed.

"From today onward, I will officially be your husband, Xu Yanxi! Your happiness will be my responsibility to protect."

"Let that Chu douchebag go to hell!"

Xu Yanxi glanced at the silly-grinning Ye Huai and then at the marriage certificate in her hand. She let out a hiccup of laughter, adjusted her comfortable sleeping position, and fell into a deep sleep.

In her sleep, she slowly curled up. Her small, white face was stained with tear streaks.

Very soon, someone from outside opened the door of the hotel room.

Bewildered, Ye Huai opened his eyes, noticing someone entering. He saw a face with delicate features and a smooth jawline, but the expression was serious, signalling a bad mood.

Upon entering, the man smelled the strong scent of alcohol filling the room. He stood by the bed, waved his hand, signalling his subordinates to enter. His subordinates then propped up Ye Huai without saying a word.

His tone was tinged with annoyance, "Ye Huai, give me the certificate."

Ye Huai was puzzled, staring at him. After a beat, he recognized the man, "Oh, it's you, second uncle! Good timing. I just got married. Let me introduce you, this is my wife, ..."

His wife?

Bringing a wife home after having a few drinks, this would be a laughing matter for everyone if word gets out!

Ye Yunting cast a glance at the woman lying on the bed. She was dead drunk, but good-looking. Oblivious to her surroundings, her face was filled with tear stains, mumbling something, resembling a wounded little animal.

Squinting his eyes, he asked, "Is she Xu Yanxi?"

"Right." Ye Huai laughed, pushing away the bodyguard next to him. Turning back, he grabbed Xu Yanxi's hand and asked with a proud face, "Uncle, do you know her? Isn't my wife beautiful?"

The more Ye Yunting looked at this young man, the more he found him unpleasant. He calmly commanded, "Drag him away and wait until he becomes sober."

Two bodyguards, one on the left and one on the right, lifted Ye Huai and dragged him directly to the bathroom.

There remained only Ye Yunting and Xu Yanxi in the room.

Xu Yanxi, disturbed by the earlier noise, was not sleeping well. She slowly opened her eyes, looking at the man in confusion.

Ye Yunting tightened his lips, his expression not very pleasant.

Xu Yanxi buried her face in her hands, pitifully complaining, "Husband, why are you suddenly so fierce? What did I do wrong, why are you so fierce to me?”

She reached out her hand, grabbed Ye Yunting's and shook it gently. Her big, sparkling eyes were full of grievance.

Ye Yunting's eyebrows furrowed tighter, "Let go of me!"

No woman dared to hold his hand and be affectionate so boldly.

“I want a hug, I want to be lifted up." Xu Yanxi altogether threw herself into his arms, ignoring his threatening warning.

Ye Yunting rigidly held her in his arms...

Xu Yanxi smiled triumphantly, lowering her head to bestow kisses on his face nonstop. Her kisses were green and confused, without any skill, just expressing her favor like a child.

By the time Ye Yunting responded, he quickly pushed her away, his face coldly saying, "I'm not your husband."

"What do you mean you're not?" Xu Yanxi angrily took out a red book from her pocket, pointed to the red photo of them on it, and righteously said, "The marriage certificate is right here, and you dare to say you're not my husband?"

She even deliberately pointed at the man's name, "Look, isn't this you?"

Ye Yunting glanced at it, his eyebrows furrowing instantly.

On the vibrant red marriage certificate, the names written boldly were Xu Yanxi and Ye Yunting.

Xu Yanxi pushed him straight onto the bed, clutching his tie as she said, "It's fine if you don't admit it, I will not stop until you yield!"

As she spoke, her tender white hand was roaming around on Ye Yunting's body.

Ye Yunting's Adam's apple bobbed up and down. He blushed at her teasing, his eyes flashing a dangerous light, "Are you sure you have what it takes to make me yield?"

This woman vanished for four years, but her courage seemed to have grown bigger!

Xu Yanxi answered playfully, "Why not give it a try and see?"

"Xu Yanxi, you're the one who said it, don't regret it later!" Ye Yunting held her in his arms and walked into another presidential suite.

The next morning, as the warm sunlight filtered through the glass window, Xu Yanxi lazily yawned and opened her eyes.

Her entire body was sore, her lower half was painfully numb.

What happened last night, why am I so tired?

Then, she turned her head around, only to find a strange man's face and his naked body, she let out a scream that pierced through the entire building.



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