Your Love, I Can't Quit

Your Love, I Can't Quit



Overnight, her father was clinked into prison, her mother died in melancholy, her brother was threatened, and Zhi Wenya's world collapsed abruptly! On the cold operating table, her face turned pale, she could only endure the humiliation and ask, "Where is the money?" In that romantic scene, she thought she could preserve her body, and her heart as well... But unexpectedly, like the poppy that lures people in, that wicked man proffered, "Shall we get married?" The man's cold, arrogant lips formed a sneer as he whispered into her ear, "Zhi Wenya, I can offer you the position of a 'lover'. Do you want it?" Her heart shattered that night. Zhi Wenya left with her scarred heart for a distant place, yet she didn’t see it coming… ""
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Chapter 1: Miss Zhi, Please Take Off Your Pants

"Miss Zhi, please take off your pants and lie down on the operating table!"

Standing in the operating room, Zhi Wenya's face was as pale as a sheet, her body freezing in response to the doctor's words.

Taking a deep breath, Zhi Wenya mustered up her strength to let go of her humiliation, slowly taking off her pants with trembling hands.

Humiliation, shame, and despair all surged into her heart within seconds, yet she had no chance to back down!

"Miss Zhi, please don’t move and separate your legs."

The doctor's cold hands lightly touched her arm, Zhi Wenya nearly instinctively wanted to escape, but her legs seemed rooted, unable to move!

She couldn’t leave, not only that, but she also had to conceive Bo Xunting’s child here, otherwise, her family would be ruined!

"Miss Zhi!"

The doctor’s indifferent voice echoed in her ears, filled with urgency.

The dazzling light in the operating room made her barely able to see her surroundings, lips pursed tightly, Zhi Wenya took a deep breath and slowly spread her legs.

The doctor looked at her with slight satisfaction, "Miss Zhi, we are starting the operation now, please try your best to cooperate and don’t move ..."

"Because this procedure can’t be anesthetized, you will feel obvious pain. Please bear with it, or else the operation will fail..."

"I know." Lying on the operating table, Zhi Wenya closed her eyes tightly, her body stiff, nodding slowly in acknowledgement of all the humiliation, too weak to resist.

The cold instrument slowly entered her body, the pain caused her forehead to be covered in cold sweat, but she could only clench the bedsheet under her, without making a sound.

"Injecting the sperm..."

"Entering the embryo..."

"Checking the condition..."

All around her were unfamiliar sounds, yet Zhi Wenyah silently shed a tear, resigned to this merciless reality.

She was once the young miss of the Zhi family, but that was prior to their bankruptcy. Now, she was but a woman whose father had been imprisoned, her mother had taken her own life, and her younger brother was under threat.

After a while, the operation was completed. Zhi Wenyah sat up from the operating table, reaching out to cover her lower body with the sheet from the bed next to her. Her complexion was terrible.

Her body ached terribly.

Gently touching her lower abdomen, her untouched body was now carrying the child of a man she didn't know.

"Young Miss Zhi," the doctor said, "the operation was a success. Master Bo has requested that you move to his villa in the suburbs. There will be people to take care of you until you give birth..."

Zhi Wenyah listened in silence, pausing for two seconds before cutting him off, asking, "And the money?"

The operating room became suddenly quiet before the doctor coldly responded, "It's prepared. Young Miss Zhi, you can retrieve it at any time."

Following this, the doctor placed a check next to her. Zhi Wenyah carefully put it away, her face deathly pale.

She was acutely aware that within the Bo family's hospital, anyone could speculate about her situation, yet they'd also tread carefully not to let word leak.

"She’s really sold her womb for money."

"The once prosperous young miss of the Zhi family is now acting as a surrogate for money, how ironic!"

"What's the irony? Selling herself here is much better than serving at a nightclub, right?"

Nearby medical staff had no shame discussing openly. Zhi Wenya teetered to her feet, slowly dressing herself, her lowered head showing no trace of emotion.

This was indeed where she had come to sell herself - selling her womb, selling her dignity, selling the only part of her that's left.

It is as if she were just a number now, ready for someone to buy and sell.

That's why she is now a commodity with a clear price tag.

From now on, the term 'commodity' will follow her for the rest of her life, reminding her of this disgraceful moment that she will never be able to escape.

Zhi Wenya used the wall for support to walk out of the operation room, her teeth chattering with humiliation, finally releasing a tear in a corner where no one could see.

It doesn't matter!

If she had to sell herself, so be it. At least she could save her brother who was being coerced.

Zhi Wenya tried to comfort herself. But her face turned paper white when she saw a low-profile, understated black Bentley parked at the entrance of the hospital.

The impeccably dressed chauffeur reached out to open the rear door for her, saying indifferently, "Miss Zhi, please get in. Mr. Bo wants to see you."


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