Spoiled Sweet Wife: Daddy, Carry Mommy Away

Spoiled Sweet Wife: Daddy, Carry Mommy Away



Who could tell her, that just after her return from abroad, her baby was calling a stranger "daddy"? And who could ever explain that the man she assumed to be a kidnapper was actually her boss? What was even more terrifying, he was using his authority to force cohabitation? God, no, she couldn't handle this. Couldn't she hide away from this? However, the man cornered her, gazing at her with deep affection: "Su Ni Wei, even if you run to the ends of the earth, I will find you, just like I did four years ago..."
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At the bustling airport entrance, a tender little toddler clung tightly to the leg of a man dressed in a black suit, his face expressionless. The child sobbed obstinately, "Whaa, you are my father. Yun Mo has been looking for you for so long and finally found Daddy..."

This act caught the nearby bodyguards off guard. They hesitated, standing still, making no move. When did they hear that their boss had an additional young master?

The man being clung to cast a slight downward gaze, looking at the child who seemed to be from the same mold as him, his eyebrows furrowed deeply.

"What are you doing?"

At this point, Su Niwei, who had caught up from behind, saw Su Yunmo crying and clinging to a man's leg, even the luggage trolley was not cared for. She hurried over, picked him up, and scolded the crowd, "You bunch of adult men bullying a child? Have you lost all your humanity?"

"Mummy... You misunderstood, Daddy didn't bully me..." Su Yunmo climbed onto Su Niwei's shoulder and sobbed, his gaze still occasionally shooting towards the stern-faced man.

"He didn't bully you? Then why are you crying..." Su Niwei frowned while consoling him and then in the next second, she exclaimed, "Wait, what did you call him? Daddy? Baby, you can't just randomly call people that!"

"No, Yunmo didn't randomly... " Su Yunmo clenched his little fists, rubbed his eyes, pointed to himself, then to the man, "Mummy look, we look alike, don't we?"

For a moment, Su Niwei was stunned. Only then did she look properly at the man's face and indeed, there was quite a resemblance with Su Yunmo! How could this be possible?!

A hint of unease rose within her. She held her son and headed to retrieve her luggage, intending to leave.

Unexpectedly, the man subtly smirked and with a signal to his bodyguards, they understood and started collecting the luggage.

Struck, Su Niwei stood her ground, casting wary glances at the man, "Sir, what are you implying? My son might have mistaken you for someone else, but you guys have no right to seize our luggage, do you?"

The man watched her quietly for a while, his eyes flashing complex emotions. Suddenly, his expression relaxed, he extended his hand, "I am Kang Xuanhe, Su, the top designer, welcome back to your country."

Kang Xuanhe?!

Su Niwei's pupils shrank slightly. Wasn't he her employer? Before returning to the country, she had already arranged with the well-known Kang Corporation. Unexpectedly, the boss came to pick her up in person!

She awkwardly extended her hand, quickly retracting it after a brief handshake, appearing somewhat unnatural.

Who would have thought that upon returning to the country, she would cause such a misunderstanding with her future boss!

"Let's go," Kang Xuanhe chuckled, heading towards the door, "I'll take you to where you'll be staying first."

Su Niwei looked at his retreating figure, and regret momentarily seized her. If she had known, she would have gathered more information before making plans! But the contract was already signed, it was too late to backtrack now. All she could do was sigh quietly, and, feeling helpless, followed Kang Xuanhe while holding Su Yunmo.

In the car, looking at two extremely similar figures, one big and one small, Su Niwei's expression became increasingly somber.

Could it be that her son was truly related to this big boss?

But... why couldn’t she recall anything about what happened four years ago?

Caught in confusion, the car suddenly came to a halt.

Su Niwei, holding Su Yunmo's hand, got out of the car. She looked at the quaintly decorated small villa in front of her, feeling somewhat surprised.

This was the residence assigned to her? Wasn't it a bit too grand?

Before she could voice out her questions, she saw Kang Xuanhe had already entered, and so she hastened to catch up with him.

Coming into the living room, Su Niwei was once again astonished.

The gold-decked crystal chandelier scattered rays of light on the immaculate walls, creating a compelling silhouette that was strikingly bold and irresistible. Then there was the dark gray genuine leather sofa, the jade ornaments and jade vases placed in the closet, and the artistic masterpieces casually hanging on the walls, all silently conveying four words: The Ultimate Luxury!

It was indeed too lavish!

Su Niwei even felt that, despite designing clothes her entire life, she may not have achieved the financial capacity to afford such decor.

Seeing this, why would Kang Xuanhe so generously offer such a splendid house for her to live in? Even if the Kang family is truly wealthy, no matter how one looked at it, she is no more than a specially hired employee...

"Wow, Mommy, is this the place we're going to live in from now on? It's so great!" Su Yunmo's big eyes were shining as she looked around, touching this and that with delight.

Su Niwei was somewhat embarrassed, standing still without moving.

Kang Xuanhe gave her a glance, raised an eyebrow, and asked, "Why aren't you going in?"

Staring at him for a long while, Su Niwei couldn't help but to frown, "Mr. Kang, I'm just an employee. Living in such a nice place, isn't it a bit...?”

"What are you worrying about?" A faint smile appeared on the corner of Kang Xuanhe's mouth, "The company has always treated its special employees very well."

In other words, all special employees were treated this way?

With that, Su Niwei finally breathed a sigh of relief. If she were different from the others, it's inevitable to suspect that this man had some other purpose.

"Mommy, Daddy, can Yunmo go out to play for a while?" Su Yunmo had been half-leaning on the window from who knows when, curiously looking at the flowers and plants in the yard.

"You go ahead, your Mommy and I will tidy up the luggage." Kang Xuanhe allowed Su Yunmo to go out before Su Niwei could respond, leaving the space for himself and Su Niwei.

"Okay! Thanks, Daddy!" Su Yunmo gave her thanks, and then she cheerfully ran into the yard.

"That... I'm sorry, my son comes from a single-parent family. He hasn't seen his father since he was little, so..." Su Niwei awkwardly tried to explain.

"Mm, I know." Kang Xuanhe responded casually.

Ah? He knows?

Before Su Niwei could figure out the deeper meaning of his words, Kang Xuanhe had already started moving the luggage.

Su Niwei hurriedly followed, her tone somewhat unnatural, "Actually, there's no need to tidy up, just put them in the room... uh, do we have designated rooms?"

After all, she was not entirely sure about Kang Xuanhe's identity, so she didn't dare to be too relaxed.

"The second room is yours, my room is next door..." Kang Xuanhe pointed in the direction of the stairs and explained seriously.

"What? Your room?!" Su Niwei was instantly shocked.

Kang Xuanhe stopped and looked at her, "This is my house, naturally my room is here too. Is there something wrong?"

So, this man arranged for her and Yun Mo to live in his own residence?!

Su Niwei immediately became vigilant, "Mr. Kang, what exactly are you trying to do? There seems to be no justification for a boss to house his female employees in his own home, right?"

"What do you think?" Kang Xuanhe asked with a smile that wasn't quite a smile, but he put down the luggage and started walking towards her step by step.


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