Billion Cash Windfall, I'm Rich!

Billion Cash Windfall, I'm Rich!


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Unexpectedly, Lin Ze got linked with a lavish spending system, transforming from a poor lad earning a 2000 yuan internship salary into a wealthy tycoon who frets everyday about how to spend his money! Lin Ze says, "I wish to keep it low-key, but my capabilities just won't allow it!"
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"Ding! The Cashback system is now bound. Anytime you make a purchase, you will receive a cashback of varying amounts!"

A voice echoed in Lin Ze's mind, leaving him utterly confused.

He glanced around only to find that nobody else was talking, hence he turned his gaze towards the woman standing in front of him.

"What are you looking at? Haven't seen a beautiful woman before? I absolutely detest men like you who always lower their heads!"

Her sharp voice rippled through the air, filled with disdain.

The woman in front of him was barely 1.5 meters tall. Even the heavy makeup couldn't hide the moles on her face, and her yellow large teeth seemed like they hadn't been brushed for a long time.

Her fake eyelashes were about to fall off.

She was wearing a black bodycon dress which was usually meant to highlight one's figure, but instead looked remarkably awkward on her as her flabby flesh bulged it out.

This wasn't a small potato, rather it seemed like a porcelain jar!

"I'll be straightforward about my conditions so that people like you don't feel too confident and come to court me!"

The woman spared a glance at Lin Ze, her eyes still filled with contempt.

"My boyfriend should earn no less than a 100,000 yuan per month, as I only earn 2,500. I don't want to downgrade my standard of living.”

"He must own a house in the city center covering at least 500 square meters, not including public spaces. I also require a housemaid since I don't do house chores. A woman shouldn't demean herself."

"A man must own a car, though that could be on the lower side, perhaps worth over a million yuan. Anything less than a million, just isn't driveable."

The woman flicked her hair, seemingly very pleased with herself.

"Also, I don't live with my parents; the old folks are a nuisance at home, annoying to deal with, and I also don't plan to have children. A woman should take care of herself a bit!"

Lin Ze didn't pay any attention to what the woman was saying and continued pondering about what the rebate system was all about.

Yet, the woman kept on chattering.

"The bride price should not be less than a million. Otherwise, I won't have any face to go out. There is also the three golds and change-of-mouth fee, and whatnot. If you are sincere, you'd better prepare three million in advance at home."

"Right, this would be my second marriage. According to our customs, the bride price for a second marriage is doubled. Did you get that?"

Finally, the woman had finished her piece and stood there, looking at Lin Ze haughtily.

Lin Ze lifted his head, "Uh-huh, understood."

"So... do you have it?"

The woman looked at Lin Ze with some doubt. Was this guy before her eyes really a rich man?

"Understood. Either you're mentally challenged or you're dreaming."

Standing up, Lin Ze sneered, "If you wish to make a wish, go to a temple, or find a turtle in the wishing well. What's the idea of running out here and scaring people?"

" dare you speak to this princess like this?!"

The woman, in her anger, immediately stood up.

Her fat body shaking, and the cheap perfume she was wearing made people dizzy.

"You don't have a mirror at home? At least you should have urine, right?"

Lin Ze turned his head, "Next time you go out, take a good look at yourself. You could stand to lose a few pounds, it might even drive out the demons and ghosts!"

He said this and then turned to leave.

Dealing with such a person with an unexplained self-confidence for a second, was nothing short of torture.

"You stop right there! If you do not apologize to me, this isn't over!" The woman shrieked.

Without a word, Lin Ze headed directly to the front desk.

"Hmph, fortunately, you are not beyond redemption, at least you know to pay the bill!"

The woman scoffed, and then signaled for the waiter, "Bring me another bottle of foreign liquor, I want to take it with me!"

The receptionist looked at Lin Ze sympathetically, about to utter something but was interrupted by Lin Ze saying, "You saw for yourself, she ordered all that stuff, I didn't touch a bite, I don’t even know her.”

"Huh?" The receptionist was taken aback.

"You jerk! What do you mean? You come here for a date and you won't even pay the bill? Are you even a man?”

The woman immediately shrieked upon hearing this. All the stuff on the table probably cost several thousand!

"If you don’t understand just check the surveillance video, let her pay the bill herself, if not, call the police.” Lin Ze then continued, "Also, give me a bottle of mineral water.”

The receptionist almost burst out laughing.

Though she was quite a distance away, she heard every word of the conversation between the two.

Without any hesitation, she quickly settled the bill for Lin Ze.

"System detection: You have spent two yuan to purchase mineral water, thus earning a consumer rebate!"

"Congratulations! You've won a Rolls-Royce Phantom worth 15 million!"

"A Rolls-Royce Phantom? Is this a joke?"

Lin Ze began to doubt his own ears.

However, in the very next moment, he felt as if something extra was in his pocket.

Pulling it out for a look, it turned out to be a keychain for a car.

It really was the key to a Rolls-Royce Phantom!

Lin Ze was stunned momentarily, then headed quickly downstairs.

At this point, the outside of the restaurant was flooded with all sorts of noises, and the folks on the street had crowded at the door, emitting all sorts of astonished cries.

Even the passing vehicles could not resist slowing down in order to take a few more glances.

Many had even took out their phones and were snapping photos incessantly.

In front of them, a Rolls-Royce Phantom was parked.

"I looked it up and this car is a Rolls-Royce Phantom. It appears it's a top model too, even the cheapest is likely worth over 10 million. Quite a wealthy display!"

"Tsk tsk tsk. There are really so many rich people. Can't the world handle one more rich person, like me?"

"Who knows who the super handsome and loaded boss is. If I had a car like that, I could sleep while hugging it!"

The surrounding noise traversed in intervals.

Lin Ze suddenly felt his mouth dry and his tongue parched.

He took out the key and gently pressed it, then the headlights switched on.

Immediately, all the eyes from the crowd were drawn to Lin Ze, their gazes filled with admiration.

"This Roll-Royce is his! Oh my gosh!"

"The boss is so handsome! Does the boss need a girlfriend, if not, would he consider having an extra one?"

"Does the boss need a dog at home? I can drive and wash the car!"

Even though there are many rich people in the capital.

But for most ordinary people, not to mention driving a luxury car of this ten million dollar level, even refueling such a luxury car is not an easy task.

The expensive real estate in the capital is no joke!

"It's real!"

At this moment, Lin Ze was also extremely excited inside, his body shaking involuntarily.

His fists clenched and the palms were full of sweat.

Just as he was trying to calm his emotions, a pleasant, graceful voice came from behind.

It carried a hint of surprise.

"Lin Ze! What are you doing here?"


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