Dark Shades Of Vampire's Love

Dark Shades Of Vampire's Love




I'm Sarah Costa, a vampire princess of The Dark Mirror sect, being a night hunter and the daughter of the most powerful Vampire of all sects, Marcus Costa, I loved killing werewolves. I had killed hundreds of werewolves, but to my surprise, during a night hunt, I encountered the biggest mishap of my life, I was outnumbered by the strongest pack of werewolves and was defeated by a giant werewolf of Blue Moon pack, I thought this is the end of my life, as the sun was about to rise and I was laying against the biggest enemy. But, when I opened my eyes, I couldn't believe that I was saved by a HUMAN, the werewolf didn't kill me, what's more, I found that man so attractive that I couldn't help losing my virginity to a human, that was the biggest shame of my sect, but I didn't care, I wanted that man for me, I was crazy about him but didn't know what secrets he had been keeping from me that lead the disaster to my Sect and me.
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Sarah's POV

“ Can I attack now?” Amy asked me as she was pissed off by my continuously telling her to wait for the right time.

“ No Amy, wait a little longer,” I said,

“ Look carefully, and when it gets relaxed, and off guard, you can attack, but remember, you have to be quick, otherwise, you won't get another chance as it would be alerted ” I added while Amy nodded obediently.

“ Now.. ” as soon as I said, Amy immediately rushed towards the bear and held its neck, I smiled as she learned well, and soon her vampire's teeth came out from her mouth and she sucked its blood, she sucked the blood for the first time in her life by doing her own night hunt and she did it very well that my fellow night hunters couldn't help praising her.

“ Amy, well done, you are now among us, you are now one of the night hunters, all thanks to Sarah, for teaching you so well,” one of the night hunters said.

“ We should leave now ”

suddenly my senior Jerry said in a deep voice,

“ Not now bro, I'm not satisfied yet, I need blood, the blood of humans,” my another senior Lucius said while licking his lips, he is quite greedy of blood, he is the most fierce and merciless vampire of our sect, maybe that's why my father who is currently the sect leader, likes him.

“ I can smell werewolves”

Jerry said with a worried face, he has the capability of judging the smell of werewolves from a long distance, I mean we all can sense their smell, but only when they are close to us, but Jerry can do it from afar, most of the vampires who are stronger than others and have lived more than a thousand-year has unique power, we call it special power, I too have a special power, but it is considered to be the most useless power to our sect, but despite having a useless power in me, I'm one of the most powerful Night Hunter of our sect, after Lucius and Jerry, they stand at top positions.

“ Are you scared of them, huh, you can leave, I'll come after sucking their blood, it will be more fun ” knitted Lucius, showing his vampire teeth fiercely.

“ There is a very strong smell of werewolves, it means they are much more in number, what's more, the sun is about to rise, we should go back to our manor,” said Jerry, he is the most responsible Night hunter among us.

“ But, how could it be, it's our area, how could they violate the pact between our sect leaders, we are not allowed to enter each other's forest,” I said angrily, while Jerry rubbed his forehead, saying, “ I don't know, but we shouldn't be here for too long ”

“ You take other night hunters to the manor, I and Lucius will teach them a good lesson to NOT ENTER OUR FOREST,” I said showing my teeth angrily while Lucius greeted his teeth,

“ I don't know why but when you two agree at some point, I feel headache, okay, I'm leaving with them, but you two, be careful okay, and don't stay here for too long,” said Jerry, and then he left with other night hunters.

As soon as they left, we heard the howling of werewolves, we curled up our lips, as it had been a long time since when we had done a good fight with them. We both took off our rifles and climbed up the trees.

As expected, a large number of werewolves rushed into the forest, but we were prepared and started firing at them, they were in their wolf form, so they were not smart at all, they were all hungry, and wanted to eat us, it was very easy for we two, the night hunters, to tear them up. We killed almost all of them, but then suddenly another group of werewolves also rushed in.

“ Sarah, they are more than we expected, ahh, you motherf*cker ” yelled Lucifer while tearing one of them whereas I shoot another wolf who was about to attack him from behind.

“ Come to me, you filthy animal ” I yelled at another one, it turned towards me and knitted his teeth, I too show him mine, and he jumped on me, giving me scratches, but soon Lucius pulled his heavy body from me by pulling him from his tail, I must say Lucius is really something when it comes to fighting with werewolves. He gave me his hand and pulled me up, soon I took over my position and started firing.

“ Sarah, we can't finish them all, the sun is rising, we should go now ” yelled Lucius.

“ Not now, Lucius, I must teach these bastards ” I yelled.

“ This is not the right time, Sarah, follow me, we should go ” He yelled again while fighting with a wolf.

I sighed with unhappiness, and said, “ Okay, you run, I'll follow you ”

Lucius then shot a bullet in that wolf and climbed up the tree, then started leaping in the direction of our Manor, and as I said, I turned back to follow him, I was about to jump, but then someone held my hair and pulled me to the ground.

“ Ah .. ” I fell, and my head hit a rock, giving me severe pain.

My vision became a blur, but I could hear the howling of werewolves, even louder, also I could feel that the wolf who just pulled me down was a new wolf, his body was very big and heavy, I knitted as he was sniffing my body, “ Fuck off you filthy animal, get over from my body, I swear I'll tear you in pieces if you disgusting animal think of touching me ” I yelled at him and tried to stand up, but I was too exhausted, and my body wasn't listening to me at all.

He roared while staring at me with his cold but horrible eyes as if he could understand what I was saying, but it was not possible as he was in his wolf form, and they couldn't think, listen or understand anything once they turned into the wolves, once a werewolf shifts into its wolf form, he only knows hunger and lust.

“ Oh, no, no.. ” I moaned as I saw the sky, the darkness was fading away as the Sun was coming on its way.

Was it the end of my life? A werewolf and the sun, how could I survive now?


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