All the Presidents Love Me

All the Presidents Love Me



As soon as she died, Su Nian became a fake daughter who was crushed by the real daughter in the book. After her identity was exposed, she became a pitiful woman who could be bullied by everyone. Not only was she disdained by her fiance, but she was also framed and driven out of her house! Su Nian said that it didn't matter. As long as she wanted to, she would be a rich and powerful family! Before she could start all over again, all the big shots suddenly appeared in the top rich and powerful families: Daughter, I finally found you! Come, follow me to inherit the hundreds of millions of yuan of property! The talented young man brother: "Sister, I found a new star and named it by your name. What do you think? The gold medal director uncle: The new female lead of the movie is specially made for you to make you famous overnight! Mr. Huo: Hum, you are robbing me again! Without saying anything, you should get married first!" Su Nian: ... she got the love script by mistake?"
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"She, she doesn't seem to have a pulse anymore!"

"What should we do? Should we call an ambulance?"

While Su Nian was groggy, she felt a sharp pain in her throat, and her chest was also stuffy. She couldn't breathe. There was a group of people talking in her ear, and she suddenly felt her head hurt even more.

"Why should I save her? She deserves it! She pushed Su Yan to the ground. I haven't gotten even with her yet!"

"But she lost a lot of blood. Will she die..."

"Who cares about her! Anyway, she is a fake. Even if she dies, no one will sympathize with her! Didn't you see that Su Yan has fainted? Hurry up and send her to the hospital!"

Then, a car roared and left.

Su Nian opened her eyes with difficulty and moved her fingers with difficulty. She felt something sticky under her palm, as if something was flowing. She could not be more familiar with that touch. It was blood!

He had a feeling that he was still alive.

Su Nian lay on the ground and smiled silently.

She was really lucky!

She was hit by the bomb and fell from the roof. She thought she would die! Those who had forced her into a desperate situation would never have imagined that she was still alive!

Su Nian smiled and suddenly found that something was wrong. Everything around her was too strange. It was not a busy city with tall buildings, but a desolate suburb?

Su Nian felt more pain in her head. But she couldn't just lie down like this. She had to save herself! It was not easy to save her life. She couldn't waste God's gift!

Just as Su Nian raised her arm to find a way to stop the bleeding, something even stranger happened.

Who did this chubby paw belong to?

Why were nails dyed in a strange fluorescent color?

Su's mind was spinning, and many unfamiliar scenes quickly flashed through his mind.

And these memories didn't belong to her!


An hour later, Su Nian came to the gate of the hospital with her tenacious desire for survival.

Seeing that she was covered in blood, the medical staff quickly sent her to the emergency room. Looking at the constantly dripping potion in the infusion tube, Su Nian reluctantly accepted the fact that she had become another person.

The owner of this body was also called Su Nian. She was a third-year student who was born in a single-parent family. Her mother used to be a nurse in a hospital. Because she could not bear the pressure of life, she secretly transferred her and the child of a rich family. Not long ago, the Su family found their own daughter, Su Yan, and she naturally became a fake that everyone despised.

But after all, she had been raised for so many years, and the old lady of the Su family had always doted on her granddaughter, so she kept her as the adopted daughter of the Su family.

Unfortunately, the old lady died of illness soon. From then on, the days of Su Nian's suffering began.

With the comparison of Su Yan, who was excellent in appearance, beauty, and academic performance, Su Nian was simply useless. Not only was she fat, but she was also at the end of her studies. The Su family naturally liked Su Yan more.

Her best friend, who was originally around her, left her and went to curry favor with Su Yan. Not only that, but even her Su banquet gradually distanced herself from her, but she kept calling her sister Su Yan.

Anyway, Su Nian was doing nothing wrong, and it was getting more and more annoying for the Su family.

With a little thought, Su Nian could guess that all of this was Su Yan's doing. Because Su Nian had been punished several times, and it was all related to Su Yan. She either accidentally broke Su Yan's clothes or secretly hid Su Yan's things. Or her family saw her and shouted at Su Yan.

As for Su Yan, she was so thoughtful at such a young age. When Su Nian was punished, she would hypocritically plead for her. Since Su Nian was framed, of course, she was not convinced in her heart. She could not help but confront Su Yan. It could be imagined that the final punishment could only be heavier.

Su Yan gained a firm foothold in the Su family step by step. People loved her and flowers bloomed. Poor Su Nian, after being defeated again and again, gradually consumed the patience of the Su family. She was getting more and more disliked.

Now, she had moved from the bedroom on the second floor to the room where the servants lived. She was only waiting to leave the Su family when she was 18 years old.

This time, he was injured because of Su Yan.

On the weekend, Su Yan invited several classmates to camp in the countryside and invited Su Nian over and over again. Su Nian recognized Su Yan's true colors and didn't want to talk to her at all. However, because the boy who had a crush on her also invited her, she couldn't resist the temptation and followed him.

Then, Su Yan made an excuse to say that she had something to talk to Su Nian and called her over. Then, Su Yan and Su Nian rolled down the hillside together. Su Yan was unconscious, and Su Nian's head hit the stone, so she took advantage of it.

Su Nian lay on the hospital bed and sighed with emotion that the original owner was a fool.

"You know she's up to no good, but you still insist on following her. Aren't you courting death?"

"Tsk, tsk, it's really a miracle that he can live to this age despite being so stupid!"

Su Nian was not a good person. She used to be the top agent of Country W, and her hands were covered with blood. However, she was still reasonable. She would repay kindness and revenge. "Since I have taken up your body, I will avenge you myself!"


At this moment, in the same hospital, Su Yan's bed was surrounded by people.

One by one, they inquired about the warmth and care.

In fact, Su Yan only had some scratches on her body, so she didn't need to stay in the hospital at all. It was the Su family who was worried about her, so they asked the doctor to take care of her, saying that they wanted to check her whole body.

The Su family was so rich that the hospital did not refuse and opened a VIP ward.

The first thing Su Yan said when she woke up was to ask Su Nian, "She fell down with me. Is she okay?"

"Yanyan, you are so kind! Since when are you still thinking about her?" Su Yan's best friend Zhao Xinyi curled her lips and defended her against injustice.

Mrs. Su understood what she meant. She held Su Yan's hand nervously and asked, "What the hell is going on?"

Su Yan pursed her lips and said in a low voice, "It's all my fault. I shouldn't have said those words to Su Nian, which made her unhappy. I think she didn't do it on purpose. She just accidentally hit me... At that time, I lost my balance and accidentally pulled her sleeve, causing her to fall down... Mom, she must be injured. Can you send someone to find her?"

"Auntie, you don't know. Su Nian is so terrible. She has always been dissatisfied with Yanyan and thinks that Yanyan stole her family's love. She must have done it on purpose!"

"Yeah, I also saw her push Yanyan..."

Several female students stood out to testify.

This time, it was impossible for Mrs. Su not to believe it.

"Where is Su Nian? She has done something wrong. Shouldn't she apologize to Yanyan?" She shouted in a low voice, exasperated.

"Mom, forget it. In fact, Su Nian was right. She grew up in the Su Family and was loved since she was a child. I took away her attention as soon as I came back. It's normal for her to feel uncomfortable..."

"That can't be a reason for her to harm people!" Mrs. Su said with a straight face. "Her mother secretly took you away, but she still dares to make trouble! She is clearly paying back the debt of gratitude!"

Mrs. Su went out to make a phone call angrily, but Su Yan, who was lying on the hospital bed, had a hint of joy in her eyes.

In this life, she would definitely trample Su Nian under her feet so that she would never be able to turn over!


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