My Silly Wife Was a Big Shot

My Silly Wife Was a Big Shot



Due to Darry Lane's disability, the Dyer family made a shockingly selfish and audacious decision. They replaced Evelyn, who was originally intended to marry him, with the seemingly foolish Freya. After all, the Lane family had not specified which daughter they wanted. Little did anyone know that Freya's foolishness was all an act. She agreed to the marriage with the hidden agenda of acquiring a valuable treasure from Darry. However, after their wedding, Darry, who had believed his wife to be a fool, gradually discovered her true identity. Behind the facade, she was actually a top-level tycoon...
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"Mom, I don't want to marry into a lonely life!"

Evelyn Dyer's eyes welled up with tears. "They all say that the second young master of the Lane family is inhuman. If I go there, my happiness for the rest of my life will be ruined."


Mrs. Dyer looked at her beloved daughter and immediately felt heartache. "Don't worry, I will not let you marry into that family. I will find a way."

Although it was a childhood engagement, the second young master of the Lane family, Darryl Lane, had a car accident three years ago that left him disabled.

Not only was his lower body paralyzed, but he also couldn't have children.

It would be difficult for him to secure his position as the heir of the Lane family.

Her daughter must marry the future heir of the Lane family!

Darryl Lane, the disabled one, certainly couldn't be the one!


Evelyn sniffled, her eyes red as she looked at her simple-minded sister.

A calculating glint flashed in her eyes. "Sister is also our family's daughter, and she is the eldest. We can let her marry into the family."

Freya Dyer, the eldest daughter of the Dyer family, was widely known to be simple-minded.

She had been like this since she fell into the water when she was young.


Mr. Dyer was instantly angry, "If the Lane family patriarch knew about this, our whole Dyer family would be finished! We can't mess around like this!"

"Dad, why not?"

Evelyn's tears were about to overflow. "Do you want to watch me jump into the fire? Sister is also a daughter of the Dyer family. Marrying into that family would give her a secure life. It's better than relying on us for everything!"

"That's right!"

Mrs. Dyer supported her daughter's view. "Besides, Evelyn is only twenty years old, while Freya is already twenty-three. We can't support her forever! It's time for her to repay us for raising her!"

"Well..." Mr. Dyer hesitated, torn between choices.

At that moment, Freya, hiding in the shadows, stepped forward.

Her beautiful features held a mischievous smile. "If Evelyn won't marry, then I'll marry!"

Evelyn, surprised, looked at her sister, who was more beautiful but also a bit foolish. "What... did you just say?"

"I like handsome guys!"

Freya blinked her eyes. "I want to marry a handsome man and have many babies! We can play football together with the babies!"

Upon hearing these words, Mrs. Dyer let out a scornful laugh.

The fool truly lived up to her reputation!

Darryl was incapable of having children and required constant assistance for his daily needs.

He was no different from a vegetable.

Even a doll would be more useful!

"Dad." Evelyn's gaze shifted from her father to Freya. "Let's ask Freya. Then we will have our answer. Even if you have objections, there is nothing you can do to sway the outcome!"

"Freya." She smiled and asked, "Do you truly wish to marry Mr. Lane?"

Freya blinked her eyelashes. "Absolutely!"

"Perfect!" Evelyn exclaimed in excitement, "Dad, Freya has agreed! We are turning misfortune into fortune! We have found a good family for her!"

Freya sneered in her heart. "What a way to make adversity sound like a blessing! You've managed to make shamelessness sound so refined and unique!"

"Fine, we'll let your sister marry into that family."

Mr. Dyer finally gave in, casting a glance at Freya, who was absentmindedly biting her finger.

He sighed, "I just hope the Lane family won't come after us."

"They certainly won't!"

Mrs. Dyer gently caressed her daughter's head. "Don't worry, my dear. I won't let you marry that invalid and ruin your life."

After all, Freya was not her biological daughter. She was just a burden!

However, Freya blinked, looking at Mrs. Dyer who was wearing a disgusted expression. Suddenly, she yelled and slapped her across the face...


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