Lucy to Be a Magic Doctor

Lucy to Be a Magic Doctor


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He was originally a village gangster. An adventure made him have the Shennong's Hand that could cure hundreds of diseases at the same time and the X-ray vision that could see through everything. With such a supernatural ability, he was not afraid that all kinds of beautiful villagers, enchanting young women, fairy sisters, and fashionable girls would not fall in love with him! He had a happy life and countless passionate encounters. He had invited the young people in the village to dominate a hundred-mile town and create a paradise in the peach destiny world! He clicked on this book and made you forget about it. His passionate work made you feel very happy! [The fan group of the holy doctor: 150 went back to life.]
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The moonlight of late at night in early summer gently covered Mobi Village. At this time, the dogs were all asleep. Occasionally, a few naughty cats ran over from the roof of the village, looking for companions and mice.

At the foot of the Eagle Mouth Cliff in the west of the village, there were three big houses with red bricks exposed in the Ma family.

Ma Xiaoniu slipped out of his room and muttered, "Brother! Didn't you say that you would give me money before 11 o'clock? You haven't been seen yet. Are you asleep?" As he spoke, he glanced at the opposite room.

The room was occupied by her brother, Ma Hu, and sister-in-law, Lan Fang.

Ma Xiaoniu scratched his head in distress. "No, if you don't give me money tonight, how can I explain it to Snow Flake tomorrow? I promised her that I would give her 3,000 yuan!"

The more she thought about it, the more anxious she became. She simply went over to see what was going on. She scratched the back of her head and gently pushed the door open.

The village was simple and plain. Except for rich people, ordinary farmers would not lock the door. Ma Xiaohu pushed the old door open happily.

Suddenly, a strange sound shocked him.

The voice was obviously not suitable for children, but it was even more inappropriate to look inside.

Ma Xiaoniu was in his prime, and he had never been there before. He was full of curiosity. He swallowed his saliva and looked at it for a long time before he came to his senses and hit his eyes.

Look, are you allowed to watch your sister-in-law giving birth to a baby?

Therefore, Ma Xiaoniu hurriedly went back to the door of the house and waited stupidly. He scratched his toes and played with boredom. He sighed in his heart, "When can I have a woman?"

When he thought of Snow Flake, he became even more depressed. If he thought more about it, she was his woman. She could be happy for the rest of her life like his brother and sister-in-law.

But Ma Xiaoniu knew that it was just a beautiful dream.

Snowflake, Qin Xuehua, such a wonderful girl, he knew that she would not belong to him. However, it was worthwhile for him to do something for her, even if he sold himself for her.

He thought, "Is this the power of love?"

After half an hour, the door on the other side was finally opened. Ma Hu sneaked out with money in his hand. Ma Xiaoniu complained, "Brother! What's wrong with you? You only care about being intimate with my sister-in-law and have forgotten about my existence."

Ma Hu's voice was very low. "Your sister-in-law is very alert. I'll make her tired first and sleep well before I can give you the money." With this, he put the money into Ma Xiaoniu's hands.

Suddenly, there was a shout behind him, "Ma Hu, why are you so strong tonight? It turns out that you want me to sleep so that you can give money to your brother! I earned your money with great effort! Whatever your brother wants, you give it to him. You spoil him too much!"

Instantly, the two Ma brothers felt their hair stand on end!

Lan Fang didn't sleep, and she saw all this!

Ma Xiaoniu went back to his senses, turned his head and was about to run away. Then he heard his sister-in-law shouting, "Ma Xiaoniu, you are so old, but you are still not sensible. If you don't find a job and work hard, you will be a second-rate man all day long. If you have no money, you can ask your brother for it! Our money is not floating in the water. How can you take the money we worked hard to earn?"

With this, he grabbed a broom and rushed over to hit Ma Xiaoniu, but was stopped by Ma Hu. "Lanfang, please do me a favor. You know that our parents went fishing in the sea in the early years, and they all came back with the bodies brought back by their relatives. My relatives said that they would be sorry to me in the future, so they asked me to bring up my brother when I wanted to eat. I failed to live up to my expectations, so I could only dig for food in the farm. I feel guilty that they didn't give my brother delicious food. Can I afford to give him such little money?"

Lan Fang didn't care. She just said that it was her money, and she couldn't give it to Ma Xiaoniu. Ma Xiaoniu begged with a bitter face, "Sister-in-law, I beg you, save the money! Just take it as a loan. Can I give it back to you in three months? I won't eat or drink in the hat factory for three months. I still have interest for you!"

He had said this many times, but Lan Fang didn't believe it at all. She desperately wanted Ma Xiaoniu to pay back the money, but her words were a little unpleasant. Hearing this, Ma Hu was also angry and slapped Lan Fang. The slap was actually not heavy, but Lan Fang was so wronged that she cried. Seeing this situation, Ma Xiaoniu didn't have the nerve to ask for money. He gritted his teeth, put the money back in his sister-in-law's hand, turned around and entered the house.

He threw himself on the bed, tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. His charming face kept flashing in his mind...


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