After Divorce, Chased by Mysterious CEO

After Divorce, Chased by Mysterious CEO



On her wedding night, Shannon waited for her husband to come. A man entered the room, turned off the light, and spent a passionate night with her. But things turned weird the next morning. The man who was sleeping by her side was nothing like her husband. He was a hot, handsome... stranger! Like that was not shocking enough, the man handed her a ten-million-dollar check and left without saying a word. Stunned and speechless, Shannon witnessed her husband break into the room. "Why did you cheat on me? Let's get a divorce."
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It was Shannon Poole's wedding night, and she felt her body longing for her groom. She waited silently in the penthouse suite, Room 6703.

With a click, someone entered the room.

Shannon knew it was her husband who had entered.

Although she remained silent, she yearned for an intimate connection with her beloved.

Without saying a word, the man went directly to the side of the bed.

Not long after, the bed started creaking incessantly.

"Hmm, be gentle."

As the man thrust his hip forcefully, beads of hot sweat dripped from his forehead onto the bed and Shannon's body.

Shannon was about to go insane.

The almost apocalyptic pleasure made her body tremble uncontrollably, pushing her to the brink of collapse.

She grabbed the man's arm and mercilessly scratched it with her nails while moaning softly.

In the darkness, Shannon attempted to see her husband's face clearly and desired to touch it. However, he pushed her hand away and covered her eyes with his hand.

As her sensitive spots got stimulated continuously, Shannon's body convulsed in climax repeatedly. She lost track of time and eventually drifted into a deep sleep out of exhaustion. She was unaware that the man on top of her continued his vigorous efforts even while she slumbered.

Before daylight, the heavy curtains were tightly closed. The room was shrouded in darkness and was illuminated only by a faint light.

The man got up and got dressed. Then, he glanced at the woman who was deeply asleep due to exhaustion.

He could only see a blurry figure and couldn't discern her features.

He shook his head. He was usually cautious, but something went wrong last night. Even now, his vision remained blurred and doubled.

With a frown, he picked up his suit and took out a stack of cheques from his pocket.

Each cheque was worth a million dollars. He walked over to the bed and flicked them.

The chequebook was like a flying blade, brutally striking her face.

"Here's ten million. Take this money and never appear before me again."

Last night, he lost control and eventually spiralled out of control. 

At the thought of it, his expression grew gloomier.

Upon hearing the movement on the bed, he knew that she had woken up.

His words were cold and arrogant. "Take the pills and get out of Cruzbert. If you dare play any tricks, I will make you regret setting foot in this world." 

After that, he strode out of the suite without looking back.

Upon getting jolted awake by the chequebook, Shannon opened her heavy eyelids.

"What pills? Cheques?" Shannon woke up at the sound and found the cheques. She wondered why her husband would give her cheques worth ten million dollars. As she recollected, she realised the man's voice was completely different from her husband's.

"I had a one-night stand with a stranger on my wedding night? And that man even gave me ten million dollars?" 

She picked up the chequebook in her face. To her surprise, the cheques worth ten million dollars were light. However, they resembled a heavy lead, suffocating her with a burden.

"What should I do? How am I supposed to face my husband?

"All this time, I thought the person who came in was my groom.

"However, that d*mn stranger barged in for no reason.

"He ruined everything about me and even dared to dismiss me with money.

"Who the heck does he think he is?" Shannon contemplated.

She wrapped herself in the blanket and tried to stand up. However, her entire body ached, making her feel utterly weak.

She couldn't fathom where exactly things had gone wrong last night.

She only remembered waiting for her husband, Marc Foster, for a long time. She waited until late, assuming he was entertaining guests downstairs, causing the delay in his arrival. Then, she felt restless as she yearned for an intimate connection with her husband. And then... 

She couldn't comprehend why things had taken such a turn. 

She was about to get out of bed.

Suddenly, someone forcefully burst open the door to the suite. 

Immediately after, the person switched on the bedroom lights. Instinctively, Shannon recoiled on the bed and reached out to shield her eyes from the intense brightness.

At the same time, several people rushed into the suite from outside.


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