Rampant in the Cultivation World

Rampant in the Cultivation World



The ordinary boy, Lin Luo, had once accidentally entered a magical dream and obtained the Six Hells Soul Refining Divine Cauldron. He had also entered this divine artifact several times and learned the Primordial Chaos Scripture. The precious scripture of the dao of pills allowed him to change his voice and leave the world's Dao of alchemy to his own hands. He even had the nine Xingwu techniques, a peerless secret technique that allowed him to leap up to become a god. As the saying goes, Jin Lin is not an ordinary person. He would transform into a dragon the moment he encountered a storm! Let's see how Lin Luo managed to use the golden cauldron by chance and cultivate diligently. From then on, he would dominate the Cultivation World!
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In the VIP university, the boys' dormitory was in a mess. The three boys were busy working with excitement on their faces.

Zhang Fan straightened his suit collar in front of the mirror and made a posture that he thought he was coquettish.

Looking back, he found that Lin Luo, who was sitting in front of the desk, holding a book in both hands and watching it with great interest, was wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses. He curled his lips and asked, "Lao San, what do you think of my outfit?"

Lin Luo did not even raise his head. He replied helplessly, "Boss, you have asked me 20 times!"

Zhang Fan was quite embarrassed and smiled. "I want to leave a good impression on her, don't I?" After that, he looked at the mirror, which showed that he was more handsome and coquettish, and asked the other three for advice from time to time.

Lin Luo was the third oldest in the dorm. Three months ago, he became a freshman in this third-rate school. The four people in the dorm ranked according to their age. Lin Luo ranked third. After a few months of getting along, the four of them were no different from brothers.

Today, apart from Lin Luo, the oldest, the second oldest, and the fourth oldest were all in the heat period. Two hours ago, they began to change clothes, do hairstyles, and spray perfume, which made the whole dormitory full of a strange mixed smell.

"Hey, Lao San, why are you still reading books? Hurry up and change clothes! You have to leave a good impression on me when we meet for the first time!" Liu Kai, the second brother who was touching his hair with wax, came over and reminded him kindly.

Lin Luo raised his head helplessly again and looked at Liu Kai's hair, which was so bright that it could be looked like a mirror. He was quite speechless. "Second Brother, there is too much wax on your hair!"

"Really? Then I have to wash it!" Liu Kai ran to the bathroom. After a while, Liu Kai, who had washed his head, picked up a hair stand and blew on his hair. After drying it, he began to rub his hair with wax.

Hey, Third Brother, why don't you panic at all? Oh, my, this tie is too tight. I'm going to die. Third Brother, please help me loosen the tie!

Lin Luo couldn't help rolling his eyes. He stood up and loosened the tie around Xue Jie's neck. He helped him tidy his collar. Xue Jie took a few deep breaths and said with a smile, "Thank you, Third Brother."

When it was seven o'clock in the evening, Zhang Fan, Liu Kai, and Xue Jie finally showed their most handsome side.

"Hey, third brother, why are you still like a bird? Change your clothes quickly!"

The three brothers suddenly realized that their third brother was still sitting at the desk, flipping through his books in a calm manner. They couldn't help but urge him with dissatisfaction.

Lin Luo put down the book slowly and said, "Boss, there are two. I don't think I'm going!"

The three of them were stunned, and then Zhang Fan's face darkened. "Lao San, have you forgotten that our dormitory is enjoying happiness and happiness together? Do you have an oath of being together with a girl?"

Lin Luo couldn't help but smile bitterly. He didn't know what to say. He came from the countryside, so it wasn't easy for his parents to support him to go to college. Because of his family, he had very little living expenses every month, which was only two hundred yuan. He only had enough money to eat and drink, so he didn't have the spare time to chase after girls.

Although the three brothers in his dorm were very loyal and took good care of him, they did not ask him to pay for it every time. They even exchanged for him for breakfast every day. He was very touched, so he really could not continue to eat for free.

Every time he ate something for free, he felt very embarrassed, so he didn't plan to go to another dorm with other girls.

Liu Kai gave Xue Jie a look. Xue Jie immediately said, "Third Brother, what Big Boss said is right. Our dormitory is a group. How can you not go? What's more, there are four girls here. One on one. It is exactly four pairs. If you don't go, won't you let the beauty go alone? Do you really have the heart to see her stay alone?"

At first, Lin Luo was determined to go, but after being persuaded by the three brothers, he reluctantly agreed to go with them. Under the pressure of his brothers, he changed into a set of clothes that looked better than what he had just worn.

He was a country boy who was poor. He had three sets of old clothes when he was in college. One was old and the other was old. Usually, he would wear two sets of old clothes. As for new clothes, he was reluctant to wear them unless there was something important. He felt a little extravagant that he was forced to change into new clothes this time.

"Go! Go! Go! Let's go!"

Zhang Fan raised his wrist and looked at his golden watch. It was said that no matter how hard he tried, it was a fake.

As a result, the four people from the same dorm rushed out of the campus in a mighty manner, and the taximen went straight to the money cabinet KTV. They had an appointment with four female students from the same school and met outside the money cabinet at 7:30 p.m.

The four of them hurried to the money cabinet and stood there waiting for the coming beauty. Zhang Fan looked at his watch again. It was already 7:10 p.m., and he seemed a little nervous.

The second brother Liu Kai's eyes were shining as he stared at the NPC passing by them. He looked like a pig and almost drooled. The fourth brother, Xue Jie, could talk in the dormitory for a while and became a good boy after leaving the dormitory.

What about Lin Luo? His expression was more calm. As the saying goes, when there is no desire, there is power. He has no improper thoughts about the upcoming M, so he can keep calm.

Suddenly, Zhang Fan's eyes lit up, and his voice was a little excited. "They are coming!"

The four pairs of eyes couldn't help but look towards the four young ladies who were walking over. They had long hair that draped over their shoulders, and they were all dressed in long white dresses. As they walked over, a powerful youthful aura surged towards them.

"It's so beautiful!" Liu Kai's eyes were straight, and there was a faint green light flashing. He stared at the "Four People's" coming slowly. Lin Luo, who was standing beside him, seemed to hear him swallowing saliva, and couldn't help but despise him.

"Hello, we're not late, are we?" While they were looking at the four girls, they also quietly looked at Lin Luo and the other three.

"No! No! It doesn't matter even if I'm late. It doesn't matter if I wait for a beauty." Zhang Fan said with a smile.

"You have a glib tongue!"

One of the girls rolled her eyes at Zhang Fan. It was obvious that she had an affair. Her name was Zhou Xue. It was through her that Zhang Fan got rid of the other three girls.

"Yes! Yes, I've long heard of the names of several beautiful women. Today, they live up to their reputation!"

Liu Kai flattered several beautiful women without batting an eyelid. As expected, the girls chuckled. The silver bell-like laughter attracted the curious eyes of many people around. The four beautiful women couldn't help but show shy and beautiful expressions.

"Let's go in. Don't stand here!" Zhou Xue said softly.

"Good! Good! We have booked a box! It's B21." Zhang Fan led the way for the four beauties. Soon, a group of people took the elevator to the money cabinet and entered the booked box under the guidance of the waiter.

Along the way, Zhang Fan and Liu Kai kept talking to each other, which made the four girls laugh. Only Xue Jie's face was a little red. He was anxious but didn't know what to say. However, Lin Luo looked at the four girls and didn't pay attention to them. He looked indifferent.

It was not that he didn't want to talk to those lovely beauties, but he knew that it was better to ignore them than to feel itchy and uncomfortable. To be honest, which young man didn't have sex?

Lin Luo also hoped to walk hand in hand with his beloved girl in the campus. But for him, who only had 200 yuan of living expenses a month, it was a very extravagant dream. Moreover, he knew that the 200 yuan was what his parents had worked hard to get for him. He had not been a jerk to spend his parents' hard-earned money picking up girls.


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