Endless Pampering of His Wife

Endless Pampering of His Wife



He was the president of the Anye underworld in Capital Heaven, Ye Mingchen. She was a good girl, who had dropped out of school to earn tuition for her brother before she graduated from high school. Originally, they would never meet each other, but because of an inexplicable eloped, they were pulled together. "Why did you kidnap me?" "With your brother kidnapping my sister!" "Then why did you sleep with me?" "With your younger brother sleeping with my sister!" In the face of this man, who was feared by everyone, Su Yiren felt that he was as childish as a child who had not grown up. "F*ck, my sister, everything is his sister! Is this the reason why he can bully me at will?" Su Yiren's brain twitched and he suddenly kicked a man who was still in high spirits out of bed. "Don't use your sister as an excuse next time. F*ck!"
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"Hurry up! They must have run over there. Go after them!"

In the deep and quiet alley, there was a sudden commotion. Su Yiren walked alone in the alley. Hearing the sound, he frowned and quickly hid in a corner.

Through a small crack, Su Yi saw eight or nine men dressed like bodyguards standing fiercely in the middle of the alley, looking around as if they were looking for someone.

Su Yiman held her breath, and her whole body was tense. She was afraid that if she was accidentally discovered, she would lose her life.

"Boss, there's no one here."

"Humph! He's injured. I don't think he can run far. You guys go there and chase after him. The rest of you, come with me."

She did not dare to let out a sigh of relief until the footsteps were getting farther and farther away. She patted her chest gently and muttered unhappily.

"What the hell are you doing at night? You scared me to death!"

Putting his bag on his shoulder, Su Yiren was about to lift his leg to go out, but his ankle was suddenly constrained by a force.

Her face turned pale, and her body seemed to be frozen, unable to move.

Occasionally, a few strange whistling sounds could be heard from the dark alley. Su Yiren calmed down and slowly turned his head.

When she saw the scene in front of her, she couldn't help exclaiming.


"Shut up!"

A bone-chilling voice echoed in Suye's ears. He could vaguely see a man leaning against a corner. His hand was pressed against his right shoulder, and blood was still pouring out.

Seeing his situation and thinking of those fierce men just now, Su Yiren quickly guessed the identity of this person.

Those people were probably looking for him!

The light was so dim that she couldn't see the man's real appearance clearly. But judging from his tone just now, this man was probably not easy to deal with.

For this kind of thing, she usually avoided it as much as she could, and this time was no exception.

She swallowed her saliva and tried to calm her voice down.

"Could you please move your hand away from my foot?"

The man did not speak, but the strength of his hands inexplicably increased. She frowned and instantly felt that this man was a little tricky.

"Help me!"

The two cold words jumped out. Although it sounded like he was asking for help, in Su Yi's eyes, he did not seem to ask for help at all. Instead, he seemed to be threatening her.

"I have nothing to do with you. Why should I help you?"

Unable to bear his pleading attitude, Su lost her temper and turned to leave.

"Damn it! There are so many people, but they can't even catch an injured man!"

Those who had left came back again. A cold light flashed in the man's lowered eyes. When Su Yige reacted, the strength of his ankle was gone.

A large shadow enveloped her from behind, and a cold and hard thing was also pressed against her waist.

"If you don't want to die, take me out of here immediately!"

The man's voice sounded a little hoarse, but the cold aura from his whole body made Su Yiman dare not look down upon him.

Even though she had not seen much of the world, she knew what the thing against her waist was. It seemed that she was destined to get involved in this tonight.

"You guys look around the corner. If he runs away, we won't be able to survive tonight!"

The fierce voice slowly approached, and the man gradually lost his patience.

"Still considering?"

"I'm willing to help you, but could you please take the knife away first?" She clenched her hands, and her forehead was covered with cold sweat.


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