Fall Into Billionaire's Love Trap

Fall Into Billionaire's Love Trap




Stephanie Brown used to be a proud princess living a free and luxurious life. Her world was turned upside and down after her father’s company, Brown Group went bankrupt when she was 13 years old. Since then, she took shelter from her uncle. Later she became a paparazzi working at her uncle’s magazine studio. One day she found something juicy: the famous star Anna Taylor was having sex with a man in a car! But Stephanie didn’t know that she was messing with the wrong guy. The man was Louis King, the CEO of the Ali Consortium, Asian Branch. Louis threatened Stephanie to hand over the memory card of the camera, but she declined. Stephanie thought as long as she insisted on not giving Louis the pictures, he would give up. However, Stephanie underestimated him. Louis raped Stephanie and ordered Anna to record all of this. If Stephanie wanted the video back, she had to come to Louis' house the next day. Just when Stephanie thought the drama was going to end, she found she fell into bigger trouble. She was asked to become the mistress of Louis King and she said YES!...
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In the quiet underground parking lots, Anna Taylor’s alluring giggling can be heard from a brand new luxury car

I watched how the two love birds had sex in the car. It was intense. Finally, finally I got some good stuff!I hid in the dark and put the camera on excitedly, preparing to film the hot scene of the two loving birds.

As Hollywood’s most famous female actor, Anna Taylor is a pretty sexy creature, she looked even more attractive in my camera.

A man thrust into the Anna as fast he could while grabbing onto her breast, her moan was getting louder, but he clapped his hand around her mouth to stop her. He buried his face on her neck while he kept on going.

Until now,Anna Taylor had A perfect reputation and public image. No one knew about her private life, but from this moment, her image would be completely changed.

Turn down the camera, I took another three pictures with my phone to memorize the end of the stalking last for over a month, I would just leave them alone and let them enjoy the moment.

“Anna Taylor’s hot scene with a mysterious man。”I believed that this real blast will bring revenue for my uncle’s magazine.

Thinking that my uncle ‘s happy face when he saw the vide, I pat my broken car and felt it looked better.

I put the camera on the backseat and close the door, ready to go to the magazine studio.

Suddenly a thick and manly arm blocked my car door.

"Wait." I heard a cold voice come from behind me."What is that in your hand?"

I started down at the cam and immediately hid it behind. "Something that doesn't concern you. Please get out of the way, I am leaving. "

The man didn't pay attention to my words, he held my arms and twisted them and pull them to my back, my hands were bound and I couldn't move.

"Then tell me what did you just take the camera to shoot?"

"No! No, I didn't... Please let me go." But I knew that telling the truth at this point would not only cost me money, but even a camera.

He ignored my request and brought me to the familiar BMW. I realized that there was no escape for me.

An indifferent voice sounded from inside the car.

"What? No comment after watching the show?"

The door opened, and an extremely handsome man stepped out of the car.

"Oh my God." I couldn't help but sigh.

I have to admit that although as a paparazzi I have seen many handsome guys, he should be the best. The expensive suit and watch made him look extravagant, and he exuded a strong dangerous atmosphere. The close-fitting shirt in the suit was not buttoned, but the owner of the shirt didn't care. There were sweat left on his abs, made him look so sexy.

I couldn't hold back my saliva, I couldn't tell whether it was because I was afraid, or because he was too hot.

"Enjoying peeping with your camera?" The man said with a sneer, I lowered my head, not daring to look into his eyes. "You are very smart, you took the memory card. Should you hand it over yourself? Or let me send someone to frisk you?"

"I...I don't know what you're talking about." I subconsciously denied it.

"You think I will play this damn game with you and waste my time here? Don't mess with me," he said through gritted teeth.

If I continue to pretend to be innocent, it may cause big trouble, he got up to signal the strong man next to me to let go of my hand.

"I put the camera's card in the hidden crevice of my car's driver's seat. I can take you to get it. After that, please let me go."

The sexy man nodded and motioned for the big guy and me to make another trip to where I parked. The big man followed me closely on the road, and I observed the road conditions, while planning an escape route, while raising the topic.

"It took me a long time to get this video. It's a pity that such a famous female celebrity are secretly dating with a man, there were a few paparazzi with me before. But I'm always luckier than me."

"Where is the person you are talking about?" The big man's tone was serious, and he believed what I said, and I snickered.

"We are rivals, how do I know where they are." I rolled my eyes. The distance was very short, and soon we came to the front of the car. I got into the driver's seat with my back turned to him, took out the memory card from my underwear, pretended to take it out of the inner pocket of the driver's seat, and handed it to the driver.

"The mission is complete, can I go?" The big man was still blocking my car door, I pretended to look around impatiently, then pointed in a random direction and shouted loudly.

"Look! There's still a paparazzi over there." The big man subconsciously dashed a distance in the direction I pointed. And I quickly shut the door, turned on the engine and left the damn parking lot.

Although the precious video data is lost, the photos in the mobile phone are still very valuable! I look forward to hearing the good news from my uncle.

As for this man I don’t want to mess with, I hope tomorrow's news will remind him to close the window next time he brings a woman out for sex.


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