I Hate To Love Him

I Hate To Love Him

Author:Author Feathers


General Romance

I Hate To Love Him. Mildred had since moved on with her life. Many years ago, Mildred used to think she was a virgn until she found out her belly start to grow. In a period of nine months, she bore twin. Who had sex with her was unknown to her, sometimes, she thinks she was another virgin Mary cause she can not remember making love with anyone in her life. Mildred went shopping with her two smart and crazy twin ; Richard and Ethel. She received the greatest shock of her life when Richard suddenly shouted and said; "Mom, look at that man, Ethel looks exactly like him." Mildred looked at the man Richard was referring to and found out he bore the same resemblance with her two children. The man then walked to Mildred and said; "I know you and I want to marry you."
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  Chapter 1


  The man who bore resemblance with my children stood before me with a faint smile on his face.

  "Will you marry me?" He asked and I smirked.

  "You must be mistaken, Mr. I do not know you from Adam, I have never seen you before, who the hell are you?" I asked.

  "The father of your children." He answered and I threw a resounding slap to his face.

  People around the mall noticed.

  "What do you know about the father of my children, your resemblance is just a mere coincidence. Get out before I further embarrass you." I commanded angrily.

  He walked away without saying a word.

  "Mom... he looks kind, why did you treat him that way?" Ethel asked.

  "Forget him." I said.

  The silly man just made me lost my mood, I walked out with my children and drove back home.

  I barged inside my room and closed the door on myself.

  Who in the world is that man?

  Why did he bore so much resemblance to my children? He was like an exact duplicate of them.

  I shouldn't have seen this man. Well, I pray I'll never see him again.

  A knock landed on my door and I stood to open it.

  "Mom! are you thinking about that handsome man?" Richard asked.

  "What! I told you to forget about him. We will never meet him agan." I said to him.

  "But why did he look exactly like Ethel?"He asked.

  " It was more of a coincidence, go and sleep, Richard." I said and he pressed his eye on me for few seconds before walking away.

  I signed heavily and sunk to the bed, my phone beeped at that moment

  I picked the phone and was stunned to see a notification in my EMAIL, the word I saw was CONGRATULATIONS....

  I hurriedly opened the mail and read the details, it read that I had been transferred to the head quarter of the company I work for and I should ensure I serve the new boss well.

  I jumped up happily, this has been my dream, to work at the headquarters.

  Following morning, I was in my car driving my students to their school, before resuming to the headquarters.

  I was really nervous about how the place would be but I know it would be fun like the previous place I worked.

  I dropped Ethel and Richard off at their school and drove to the headquarters.

  It was a very beautiful and magnificent building, I walked in with a bright smile on my face.

  I introduced myself to the receptionist and she gladly welcomed me.

  "Sure, we have been expecting you, Miss Mildred. Let me lead you to Mr Walter's office." She said

  "My pleasure." I retorted with a smile and followed her to the office of the chief executive director of the headquarter.

  "Miss Mildred, head of the marketing department of branch 3 is around...I'll take my leave, sir." The secretary said and walked out.

  I stood before Mr Walter whose head was lowered, he seems to be busy with something.

  He raised his head to me after few minutes and my heart beats faster than a running machine.

  I stood before the man that bore resemblance with my children, I didn't want to ever see him again after the incidence at the mall but here I am, stuck as his new secretary.

  Oh Gosh!

  "Your seat is right there, all the details of the headquarters are stored as file inside that computer, if there is anything you do not understand, let me know." He said indifferently and continued doing what he was doing.

  Didn't he recognize me?

  Did he forget so easily that I slapped him yesterday?

  I turned from him and went to the seat, It was a very beautiful seat and I enjoyed the designs.

  I turned on the computer and saw that there was a file there indeed, I clicked on the file but the words were in Arabic.

  What in the world is this?

  I coughed briefly and faced where he sat; "Excuse me, sir...the words inside the file is Arabic, I can't understand it."

  "Oh! " He exclaimed like a gentleman and turned on his second computer

  "I suggest you will have to sit here so you can transfer the English words to your computer, it takes less than 30 seconds....I'm busy." He said and continued what he was doing

  "O....okay sir." I said and stood.

  I noticed the seat was right beside him.

  I sat nervously beside him and began to work on transferring the files.

  One of the papers on his table fell to my lap, I do not know how, but he was quick to place his hand on my lap and take it.

  I felt goosebumps with his touch on my låp and I closed my eye.

  He didn't say any word but continue what he was doing.

  I was on a short mini skirt that revealed a small part of my laps.

  The process of transferring the English files to my desktop was more tedious than I thought.

  He stood all of a sudden and turned to me; "What is that on your lips?"

  I glanced at him and touched my lips.

  "I don't get that, sir." I said.

  He placed his finger on my lips and looked at it, he licked the finger and said; "I thought it was a dirt."

  He then walked towards the side of the office and entered a room.

  He touched my laps and now he touched my lips.

  What the hell is this man up to?

  He won't even say anything about what happened yesterday.

  He was the man I slapped at the mall.


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