The Strongest Golden Eyes

The Strongest Golden Eyes



Coming from a humble family in a small city, Huang Guang faced a crisis when his mother needed a costly liver transplant, forcing them to sell their home. At this time, he remembered a childhood discovery: a box of stones his father had kept. Retrieving it, he examined the raw stones and decided to cut them open. To his excitement, there really were jades inside! However, during the process, an unnoticed golden light slipped into a cut on his finger. Then he went to the market, in the hope of selling those stones for a good price. Surprisingly, it turned out that he not only got 8 million but also the talent to identify valuable stones! Now, with this captivating skill, what would Huang Guang's next move be?
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"Young man, this was passed down in my family for ages. It's still in excellent condition, definitely worth cherishing."

The vendor, a middle-aged man dressed in well-worn attire, exuded an air of honesty.

Realizing that Huang Guang had been engrossed in the small bronze stove at his stall for over ten minutes, the vendor finally dared to strike up a conversation, his accent revealing his countryside roots.

However, Huang Guang remained silent. He just shook his head, heaved a sigh, and walked away.

If his pockets were deep enough, Huang Guang would have gladly paid 3,000 yuan for the bronze stove, an enchanting relic from the Qing Dynasty era.

But he only had 5,000 yuan in total, and his ailing mother needed the funds. He simply couldn't splurge on an unpredictable investment like the bronze stove.

As Huang Guang disappeared from his sight, the vendor pondered, "Was I not convincing enough? Alas, people these days are too savvy. They're not easy to fool."

Huang Guang hailed from Wang City. His family consisted of his parents, an older brother, and a younger sister.

His brother worked out of town, and his sister was in her final year of high school. His parents are regular wage workers.

Recently, his mother was suddenly diagnosed with cirrhosis and needed to undergo a liver transplant.

The surgery cost roughly half a million, a sum his family couldn't afford.

Huang Guang, as a recent college graduate, was helpless in this situation. Due to the medical expenses needed for his mother's illness, his family was even considering selling their house.

As for why Huang Guang wanted to buy the bronze stove, that was because he had studied history at the university. He wanted to gamble with his own knowledge, but he gave up in the end because he realized that the knowledge he gained in school was not enough to help him decide on the authenticity of the small bronze stove.

Huang Guang's home was a self-built two-story building. When he returned home and sat in a chair, looking at the house that he had lived in for twenty-two years, he was very reluctant to part with it. Maybe soon, this home that contained all his joy and tears for twenty-two years would become someone else's.

At this time, Huang Guang somewhat hated himself because his mother was ill and yet he could not help her at all.

Suddenly, Huang Guang thought of something, so he quickly ran to the room where the things were stored and found a somewhat worn black wooden box in a corner. After opening it, he found a few stones the size of a blue ball in it.

Huang Guang remembered that when he found this box as a child, there were several stones in it. At that time, his father said that his grandfather had brought back these few stones from his engineering job. His grandfather did not comment on them, and his father did not know what it was, so he just kept it for a long time.

Now, it seemed that these stones were made of raw jade.

Huang Guang had never seen raw jade before, but he had been influenced by online novels. He had seen many pictures of raw jades on the Internet. Although he was no expert, he could tell a thing or two.

"It's... it's really raw jade." Looking at the four stones in the wooden box, Huang Guang was surprised and he touched the stones with his hand. "Grandpa, I didn't expect you to have left behind something so good."

After getting the raw stone, he naturally had to cut it in order to know if there were jades inside. Hence, Huang Guang ran to the hardware shop, bought a small cutting machine, and then returned home.

After returning home, Huang Guang began to use the cutting machine to cut a basketball-sized stone.

However, what disappointed Huang Guang was that after the first stone was cut open, there wasn't anything inside.

After all, Huang Guang's grandfather was not someone who dealt with raw jade. It was impossible that there were jades in all the stones he brought back.

Thinking of this, Huang Guang cut the second stone. The blade of the machine was cutting through the stone at a fast speed. Pieces of stone fragments fell off from the stone, but there were still no jades inside.

After half of the crude stones had been cut, Huang Guang suddenly noted a touch of greenness. So he quickly stopped cutting, removed the crude stone from the cutting machine and put it into a basin he had prepared.

After the dust was washed away, Huang Guang saw green wrapped by the stone.

"It's... it's green." Looking at the green dot, Huang Guang was stunned for a long time, and he shouted excitedly.

After holding the crude raw stone excitedly for a long while, Huang Guang slowly calmed down and began to carefully cut the stone.

It took half an hour for Huang Guang to extract the egg-sized jade from the raw stone.

After washing the jade with water, Huang Guang looked at the jade in his hand, which was crystal clear without a trace of flaw, like a gem. He was very excited. He knew that there was money to pay for his mother's medical bills now, because the jade in his hand was the legendary glass king jade.

"We're rich! We're rich!" Huang Guang was so excited that he began to tremble.

Huang Guang knew the current market value of the jade. The glass king jade in his hand was the best among the jades. Although it was only as big as an egg, it was absolutely worth more than ten million yuan.

As he fantasized driving a sports car and living in a villa, saliva almost flowed out of Huang Guang's mouth.

After a long while, Huang Guang woke up from his fantasy, and then looked at the remaining two big chunks of raw stones... one small and two big... with shiny eyes.

After cutting the two pieces of jade, he got an ice-type fist-sized jade. This jade was a little translucent, reminding one of ice and jade. Although its quality was not as good as the Glass Type jade, it was superior in size and could be sold at a very high price.

After he got the two pieces of high-quality jade pieces, Huang Guang was ready to end the work. However, when he saw that there was still a fist-sized black stone in the wooden box, he felt more than satisfied.

Stone gambling was just as addictive as other forms of gambling. After all, it was a really wonderful feeling cutting jade.

When the cutting machine cut the black stone open, Huang Guang suddenly saw a touch of gold. He immediately stopped the cutting machine and picked up the stone.

When Huang Guang picked up the stone and looked at it carefully, he didn't find a trace of gold.

"What's going on? Didn't I clearly see a trace of gold just now? Why is there no trace of gold now?" Huang Guang looked at the rock in his hand, but he didn't find any trace of gold.

Just then, Huang Guang's right index finger was cut by a stone, and a golden light immediately darted from the wound into his finger. The light was so swift that Huang Guang didn't even notice it.

Shortly after, Huang Guang felt a wave of dizziness and passed out.

After Huang Guang fainted, a golden light flashed across his eyes and then disappeared...

Two hours later, Huang Guang slowly woke up and found himself lying on the bed.

His sister, Huang Yi, was sitting beside the bed, looking at him anxiously.

Upon seeing Huang Guang regain consciousness, Huang Yi exclaimed joyfully, "Brother, you're awake! What happened to you earlier? Why were you unconscious in the storage room? You gave me such a scare."

As she finished, tears welled up in Huang Yi's bright eyes.

"Little sister, don't be afraid. I'm okay, aren't I?" Huang Guang reassured her...


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