When I Met You

When I Met You

Author:Abigail Kusuma


General Romance

Daniel was interested in a woman who he accidentally met at a night club. However, fate supports their relationship. The woman is named Callista, a surgeon who works at his hospital. Daniel did various ways to make Callista his own. However, when Daniel and Callista enter into a relationship, they are faced with an unforgivable past of their parents. Many times, Callista has given up, but Daniel never let her go. "You will always be mine," said Daniel emphasized. "I Give up, Daniel. We can never be together," Callista replied desperately.
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A beautiful woman with brown hair and blue eyes was forced by her father to go home. After running away for three months, her father–Michael, finally brought Callista home.

"Do you still want to run away again, Callista?" exclaimed Michael, raised his voice.

"Dad, I didn't mean to run away. I don't want to lead your business. There's still Jessica in charge of all your business. You know I'm busy, dad. So I beg you not to force me," said Callista with a pleading look.

"Didn't you hear what I said? I still want you to lead this business. You can't fully give it to your sister, Jessica!" said Michael firmly.

Callista snorted in displeasure. "Why you always forcing me? I can't leave my job. You know being a doctor is my dream, Dad. "

"Didn't you hear what I'd told you? You have to keep going with our family business, Callista Hutomo!" replied Michael with emphasis. He doesn't like being argued.

"Mom, help me. Tell daddy. I can't lead the business." Callista tried to persuade Alice, her mother.

Michael sharpened his gaze at his daughter. "Don't ask your mom for help! What I said to you can't argue with it, Callista!"

Callista cursed her bad luck to have to lead her family business. Callista has repeatedly said that she does not want to lead her family business, but her family still insists.

"Sweetheart, obey your dad," said Alice, who tried to mediate the argument between her husband and youngest daughter.

Callista didn't budge. She kept swearing to herself. Yes, this Indonesian-Californian woman doesn't care what her dad said. Callista never intended to lead her family business. Callista had always had no intention of running her family company. Callista's dream is to become a doctor. That's why Callista asked Jessica to replace her to lead the company.

"Callista, I have to go to Paris. There is a meeting with my business partner. Remember Callista. When I came back, you had to lead the company. I reminded you never to intend to leave home. If you leave the house, the guards at the front will catch you and drag you into the house!" Michael said firmly.

Callista took a rough breath, choosing to remain silent and not answer her dad. If she responded then, her dad would postpone his departure.

Michael kissed Alice and Callista on the forehead. Then he immediately walked out of the room. Callista snorted in annoyance. Her father's character was adamant and didn't like being denied.

Alice looked at her youngest daughter, who looked annoyed. She smiled. Because indeed, Michael and Callista have the same trait, namely, they are both stubborn.

Alice steps closer to Callista, "Sweetheart, why do you so often make your dad angry?"

Callista pursed her lips. "I didn't upset him. But he always insisted on his will. I told you I didn't want to lead the company. I already have a restaurant business, and that's all I often forget about my business. Not to mention my schedule at the hospital is very tight. There's no way I can divide my time to lead his company. "

"Sweetheart, your sister very pity, because no one helped her. Learn to lead our family's company." Alice tries to persuade her youngest daughter.

"What happens?" Jessica's voice exclaimed as she entered the house. She looked at her sister and mother as if they were discussing something important. She was immediately one step closer to Callista and her mother.

"Callista, are you home? I thought you're not at home," said Jessica, a little surprised that her youngest sister was at home. Because usually, her younger siblings have the hardest time coming home.

"Yes, by force, because Dad was dragged me home. If not, how could I be at home," said Callista curtly.

Jessica shook her head slowly and smiled. Then she replied, "What is the debate between you and Daddy?"

"You know it! He asked me to lead the company. How can I be? I'm a doctor. My restaurant, my own business, can't handle me yet. Now, dad asked me to lead his business. I can't!" said Callista firmly. "I have to go now. I want to go to the hospital. No one else forced me back home."

Then Callista immediately walks away, leaving Alice and Jessica.

Jessica took a deep breath. She certainly knows very well the harsh nature of her younger sister.

"Callista wait, dad asked you not to leave the house!" shouted Alice loudly as Callista walked away from the house.

However, Alice's shouted still didn't stop Callista in her tracks. There was Callista, who didn't even care about her mother's screams.

When Callista was about to step out of the house, her steps stopped when David—her Dad's assistant, blocked her path.

"Get out of the way, David! You're blocking my way!" said Callista coldly.

"I'm sorry, Miss. Sir. Michael did not permit you to leave the house. I beg you not to leave," said David, who tried to hold Callista not to leave the mansion.

Callista exhales harshly. Then, she shot David a sharp gaze. "Get out before I break your neck!"

Alice and Jessica heard the commotion. They knew for sure what Alice and Jessica heard the commotion. They knew it must be because Callista was angry that someone was blocking her. They immediately walked in front of them and walked over to Callista, who was arguing with David.

"Sweetheart, Daddy, won't let you out from the house," Alice reminded her.

Callista snorted, annoyed, "I'm not a kid anymore, mom. I don't like it if it's forbidden like this!"

"Miss, I'm sorry, but this is a message from Sir Michael," replied David.

"Get out of the way! I want to go. You want me to break your neck! Get out of the way now!" said Callista, staring sharply at David standing in front of her.

Without waiting, Alice motioned for her bodyguards to restrain Callista. The guards quickly scattered to hold Callista away.

Callista grunts. Her mother is making her patience run out.

"You step aside, or I'll break your neck!" exclaims Callista staring sharply at the guards who are blocking her.

"Miss, Sir Michael asked you not to leave the house," replied a bodyguard.

Callista doesn't care what her bodyguards said. She immediately resumes her step. But her guards quickly hold Callista's hand. Callista stares sharply at the guards who restrain her. Callista immediately pulled out her bodyguard's hand.

Callista kicks and beats her bodyguards until they all fall to the floor. David is now intervening. He's tried to lock Callista's movements. But Callista immediately kicked David to make David now fell.

"Callista!" shouts Alice loudly. Alice's gaze falls on her bodyguard, who has fallen on the floor. Alice forgets one thing, her youngest daughter is very capable of fighting her bodyguards.

Callista doesn't care about her mother's screams. She immediately runs into her car and drives her car away from her family's mansion.

"Why you both can't hold my daughter !" Alice's voice exclaims highly at all her bodyguards who fall to the floor.

"I-I'm sorry, ma'am," said David, not dare to stare at Alice.

"Mom, come on. I knew this was going to happen. Callista doesn't like it if we force her. I knew Callista never wanted to lead the family business. Just let it go. I can still lead the company," said Jessica. She strokes Alice's arm calming her mother out of anger at her sister.

"Why is it so hard to set up your sister, Jessica? If I knew this, I wouldn't have agreed with it when she took the medical school," said Alice, regret it. When her daughter asked for took medicine school, she tried to ban it. "Mom, Callista is no longer a child. She's 25 years old. She can tell which is best for her. Don't push your will too much, mom. Callista will run away," replied Jessica.

"But when your dad comes home and your sister's not home. Surely your dad will be mad, Jessica!" said Alice.

Jessica strokes Alice's shoulder. "I'll talk to dad later. I'm sure he will understand, mom. Now I can still lead our company. So I asked you not to think about anything else."

Alice exhales harshly. "Soon, you're getting married to Adam. You're going to be a wife soon. Your dad was no longer young. Why Callista so stubborn."

"Mom, I still have time. Right now, I'm just getting engaged to Adam. I'm sure Callista will help our company later. Calm down, Mom, "said Jessica, trying to calm her mother.

"I hope your little sister won't be stubborn anymore," Alice replied with a heavy sigh.

Jessica shook her head slowly and smiled, "Calm down, mom. Callista can't just be quiet when Daddy is having trouble in the company."

"Yes, I hope so," Alice replied.

"Now, we better get in." Jessica immediately brought Alice into the house. She asked Alice to stop thinking about heavy things. Especially Callista, who didn't want to lead the company. Since a long time ago, Jessica knew that her sister only loved her job as a doctor. However, Jessica believes Callista will not be silent when her dad is having difficulties leading the family company.

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