Loving The Beautiful Alpha

Loving The Beautiful Alpha




In a world where Alphas, Betas, and Omegas are existing, finding your soulmates is also a phenomenal occurrence in their daily lives. Each of them has a certain significant other that they can spend their entire lives with. Each one of them will have a mark that decorates their skins as a sign that their soulmate will soon enter their lives. Ever since Asher Myein discovered his secondary gender as an Alpha, a beautiful mark has shown up on his chest that announced to the world that he too has a soulmate. Asher thinks his life is going to sail smoothly. All he needs to do is to continue living his perfect life and waits for his soulmate's arrival. But his plans were disturbed when Seraphine Parr entered his life. She is a beautiful girl whose presence can attract the crowd around her—An enigma that pokes the curiosity of the people around her. And Asher is not an exemption. Asher is attracted to that woman. She is one of the people who brings comfort to his life. She can understand him more than he understands himself. Seraphine is a woman he loves to spend his entire life in the future. Except, Seraphine didn't share the same mark and she is also an alpha like him.
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Today is a good day.

The weather has been warm these days. Despite living in a city, the clouds are still drifting in a slow and relaxed manner. Together with the cool breeze of air, it can make someone sigh in satisfaction.

Various people are every busy in the city. The streets are full of life as usual. Some of those people are rushing to reach the trains and buses while the others are walking very fast while talking with someone on their phones. There are also the cars lined up on the road while waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

While the outside world had been busy for hours now, a certain young man who just woke up is moving at a fast but messy pace.

Asher Myein is cursing his brother while checking the phone he left charging last night. He received several missed calls from his teammates, a few messages from his brother, and a voice message from their mother. Asher groaned in frustration while rubbing a hand on his face. He first checked the voice message from his mother.

'Asher, I have to travel abroad for the next two days. I'd already sent yours and Aster's allowance in your bank account. You two should take good care of each other, alright?'

Asher hummed as an answer although his mother cannot hear it. Then he opened the drawer to get the clothes he needs to bring today. He pulled two black shirts, two pairs of shorts, a pair of socks, and one clean towel. After that, he abruptly closed his drawers and pulled his phone that is charging near the table. While trying to put the clothes inside his duffel bag, Asher called his brother which he answered after three rings.

"You scrub! Why didn't you wake me up?!" Asher scolded in a loud voice.

What are you talking about? I definitely wake you up! I tried to wake you up for almost thirty minutes. But your lazy ass does not want to leave the bed at all.

"Ugh! I will kill you later, Aster! I only have thirty minutes before my first class starts!"

Yeah, yeah. See you later, Asher. Don't forget to lock the door once you leave.

"Wait. Where are mom's car keys?"

Stupid. It is my turn to use the car remember?


Whatever. Don't stink the room with your scent, got it?

"The hell is wrong with you? Listen here, you-Hello? Aster? Hello?! Ugh! That little shit!"

'Calm down...' His inner wolf whispered to him.

'Yeah, yeah. Whatever.'

Aster had already ended the call before he can answer him back. Asher groaned in frustration before he put his phone inside and zipped his duffel bag and make sure that he already put the things he will need for the practice later. Asher quickly undresses and hastily throws his clothes on the laundry basket before pulling a clean shirt from his shared closet with Aster. While closing the buttons of his shirt, Asher saw the words imprinted on his skin under his collarbones.

'Mi Girasol'

It was a Spanish word that means 'My Sunflower' written in bold cursive letters. But contrary to its sunny and bright image, the colors that embraced the letters on his skin are blue and purple. It looks mysterious and elegant. Aster and his mom once joked that whoever his significant other is, he or she must be a beautiful royalty princess.

'Move faster or you will be late.'

Clicking his tongue, Asher quickly fixed the last two buttons of his shirt. Then he put a small amount of gel on his palm, rubbed it on his fingertips, and used it to style his hair. After making sure that he doesn't look shit anymore, Asher grabbed his phone, wallet, and motor keys.

Since his ugly brother used their mom's car today, then he will use his motorcycle to arrive at their university as soon as possible. After double-checking their door's lock, Asher did not try to use the elevator anymore. Instead, he used the emergency stairs and ran as fast as he could just to arrive at the parking lot. His and Aster's shared apartment was located on the fifteenth floor of this building. Asher just treated his run on the stairs as a morning exercise since he already missed his morning practice.

Aster quickly finds his motorcycle in the parking lot. Its luminescent yellow-green color can be easily spotted even from afar. Taking a deep breath, Aster runs in its direction, straddles the motorcycle and turns it on, wears his helmet, and starts moving it forward. He put a bit more speed on his motorcycle than usual although there is a chance that the police will catch him. Still, he has to make sure that he will arrive at their university on time. He remembered they will be having an exam today and Aster cannot afford to fuck it up just like the last time.

Because of his boldness, Asher released some of his scents but it quickly dispersed in the air. When he passed by on a group of high school students, some of them turned their heads to follow the direction of his scent. A smug look appeared on his face when he saw their reactions in the bar-end mirror. Shaking his head, Asher continued his journey until he arrives at the university.

After a few more turns and shortcuts, Asher finally arrived at the university. He first checked the time from his phone. He still has seven minutes before the school bell rings. Parking his motorcycle at the back of their school, Asher quickly put its lock before greeting the school guard and dash towards his classroom. While running, he bumped with his brother, and the food he was holding scattered on the floor.

"You jerk! Look where you are going!" Aster shouted at him.

"Shout at me later, scrub! I am going to be late!" Asher replied.

But before Asher leaves, he took his brother's cinnamon bread and runs in the corridor again. He ignores his brother's shout telling him to pay him back later for the bread he stole. When he sees his classroom, Asher puts more speed on his feet and dashes towards the door.

The moment he opens the door and steps his foot inside the classroom, the school bell rings indicating the start of the classes. Asher takes a deep breath before walking towards his seat. He put down his duffel bag and let out a long sigh.

"Congratulations for not being late, Mr. Future MVP."

Turning his head, the first thing that Asher sees is a familiar pair of beautiful olive eyes.


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