Love After Marriage: The Tycoon's Mysterious Wife

Love After Marriage: The Tycoon's Mysterious Wife



On her wedding day, Qin Zheng's fiancé ran away with her sister for a romantic rendezvous. Out for revenge, she randomly pulled in a man who was also "abandoned" by his bride. "Sir, my groom has run off, and your bride hasn't come either. We share the same misfortune. How about we go through this wedding together?" Intrigued, the man agreed, but only if they signed a contract. She presumed this impromptu marriage was destined to be nothing more than a mutually beneficial arrangement and would naturally end once the contract expired. However, to her surprise, he meticulously worked to woo her step by step, slowly capturing her heart. "Mr. Ling, our contract has expired..." She gently reminded him. Trapping her within his arms, a teasing smile danced in his eyes. "Just in time, now it's my turn to propose to you."
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"Sir, my groom has run away, and your mother needs a daughter-in-law, about...we get hitched?"

Qin Zheng seemed composure on the face, but her hands behind her back were nervously pale. She nervously looked at the man in front of her who was confronting her, fearing that the man would turn around and have a horse face.

Get hitched?

Ling Yitian turned his head and saw a woman in a wedding dress. And Qin Zheng quickly glanced at the man, inhaling sharply.

The man had a handsome face that caused many women to find him irresistible. He had thick eyebrows and deep eyes, coldly white skin, thin lips tightly pursed, exuding a hint of coldness without saying anything.

Afraid that the man would misunderstand that she was eavesdropping deliberately, Qin Zheng explained.

"I didn't mean to eavesdrop. I had been here even before you and your mother had started arguing. After hearing what your mother said, I believe I can volunteer to be your wife."

Volunteered to be his wife?

Ling Yitian's deep eyes flickered, his hands crossed around his chest, sizing her up cryptically. The woman had a fair-sized oval face with fine and three-dimensional features, that even if displayed on the big screen in the cinema, there was no fault to be found.

The crystal luster in her eyes showed that she had been crying. However, at the moment, she was elegantly smiling with composure.

Faced with his piercing gaze, she never revealed any signs of awkwardness or embarrassment, standing there, letting him size her up with serene expression.

Quite a mentally strong woman.

Ling Yitian pulled up an inexplicable smile, his thin lips slightly parted, "But woman, what makes you think you have what it takes to become my wife?"

Hearing his words, Qin Zheng knew that she had succeeded halfway. She smiled prettily, her voice crisp and pleasant.

"Firstly, let me introduce myself. I'm Qin Zither, an eighteenth-line actress under the Shen Entertainment, I've acted in a few TV dramas. I dare not call myself a veteran actor, but I've won the Best Supporting Actress award. Today was supposed to be the good day when my fiancé and I get married, but he backed out."

As Qin Zither spoke, her eyes briefly dulled. When she looked up again, they were once more filled with starlight and defiance.

"I need a marriage to leave my past behind. Sir, you need a wife to deal with your marriage-pressuring mother. As an actress, I can become any type of wife. We can both get what we need. It's suitable, isn't it?"

Upon hearing Qin Zither's words, Ling Yitian was a little surprised that someone would come out and declare such a thing to him.


Only after a while the man faintly uttered a word, "Okay."

The heart that Qin Zither had hoisted to her throat finally settled.

She was gambling on this, wondering if he would agree, daring him to agree!

This man might not need love, but he needs a marriage partner - who it is, he might not care at all.

Also, she wanted to make sure that she and her ex-fiancé, Shen Yi, had no chance of regret! And the one who ruined her wedding, Qin Wan'er, would get the punishment she deserved!

Two hours later, Qin Zither held the marriage certificate in her hand, planning to open the red book to look at the man's name. The man's low voice echoed in her ear.

"This one, sign it."

Qin Zither took the document from Ling Yitian's hand, looked at it carefully—it was a post-nuptial agreement. The general idea of the agreement is that she should cooperate with him in acting, and when the time is right, he will announce her status as his wife.

Anyway, she doesn't expect to exploit this "husband" for anything, so she signed it readily.

Observing Qin Zither signing readily, Ling Yitian raised his eyebrows slightly.

Does this woman really not know who he is? Or is she pretending?


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