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General Romance

“Breathe, breathe! You idiot!” Who in this age and time, do not know how to French kiss! This woman acted she knew the rules of the game between men and women of the modern age when she agreed to go all the way with him. Four days with no string attached! Yet now, she almost fainted from a simple French kiss! Lucien Black, designated heir to the Black business empire, raised by a cruel tyrannical grandfather, persecuted by his greedy father and his second family. He was pressured to marry a granddaughter of his grandfather’s paramour. He survived to exact revenge from the people who caused the sufferings and deaths of his grandma and mother. In his quest for vengeance, Sheena came at the wrong time. He turned his back from her never to meet again, not only because they lived far from each other, but because she did not have a speck of blood of the rich and the noble. Four years later, he was engaged and to be married to someone of his class, and she surfaced with his illegitimate heir! Would he repudiate her again as he did in the past because the deep divide still existed and never would they met?
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For the first time in her life, Sheena was alone. Nobody knew her and she had no work to accomplish or problems to solve.

She had lots of choices to kill the time. But she finally just strolled in the hotel gardens and parks where she could be safer.

Now she was sitting at the corner table, reading her iPad. Against her back was the massive floor-to-ceiling window.

She stretched herself lazily, not knowing a man’s gaze was fixed on her.

The man couldn’t move his eyes. The white shirt couldn’t hide her curved body. Her long black hair flowed like curtain framing her pinkish face devoid of any makeup.

Then like a cat she slowly stood up and with her palms intertwined above her head, she slowly stretched unaware of the picture she made.

She fully attracted the aloof enigmatic Lucien Black, designated heir to one of the world’s biggest conglomerate, as he rode down the escalator coming from the mezzanine of the hotel.

He was with a group of men in suits. They have just finished an informal meeting with four of his trusted business executives.

His eyes were fixed on Sheena once he saw her. None of his attention could be given to his talking staff.

Only receiving his silence, the four followed his gaze and saw Sheena.

Familiar with Lucien’s lifestyle, the four were amused.

“It seemed Lucien couldn’t wait to disappear from the busy work! Look, he already has a goal!”

Matt naughtily but seriously queried.

Lucien’s eagle-eyed stare pierced Matt, who hastily raised his hands in surrender.

“Dude, you deserve a beautiful holiday. Enjoy your three months of freedom!” Matt patted Lucien’s shoulder. Other people all admired that Lucien was so lucky to born in a wealthy family and was the heir to an international enterprise, only his close friends knew he worked hard to prove his business abilities. Although he behaved so talented, the old CEO still didn’t like him.

“I need her information, all.” Lucien said to Alex, his chief security officer.

“Yes, sir!“

Lucien had to move his gaze from the girl now, as they traversed the massive hotel lobby and exited the exclusive elevator leading them to a basement car park for the select trusted men of the Black’s family.

Lucien, in his Maybach Mercedes Benz sandwiched by his security escorts range rovers, proceeded to the Black’s Headquarters located in New York’s exclusive commercial center.

It’s one hundred fifty- story edifice was not comparable to the skyscrapers nearby, but the fact that it occupied the whole block of prime commercial property, with its impressive garden and century old oak trees, was a testament of the noble pedigree of the Blacks. Only the old, old rich could afford that area in New York!

Lucien ’ s domain was as quiet as a tomb. Only the pinging sounds of computers and telephones coming from the secretaries section could be heard.

Miss Gracie, his fortyish executive assistant, sat on her table busy reviewing documents for her boss’ attention and signature.

A beep from his cellphone signaled an incoming email. It’s from Alex. As usual, Alex was fast and

efficient. Sheena Miller, lawyer, single, from an Asian country, had a week of reservation in an economy room of Shang Hotel.

From her routine for the past three days, it could be deduced that she was on vacation. She checked-in noon time and slept till morning, went jogging, passed her time drinking two cups of freshly brewed black Arabica coffee all the time reading from her iPad.

After lunch, she went out the hotel. She usually return before six in the afternoon, spent an hour of swimming, have a light dinner, then went out out and return before ten in the evening.. Always alone.

Calling Alex, Lucien instructed “I will join her swimming .” Knowing his manic penchant for cleanliness, Alex replied worriedly.

“She is using the pool open to hotel guests.”

To his utter surprise Alex said, “It’s okey. Do not make any other arrangements. Just ensure that my persona will not be exposed…and Alex, reserve the usual suite.”

This meant that the penthouse would not be used for this tryst.

The woman was young. Only twenty four years old. Alex hoped she was not an innocent young woman. His boss could be insensitive and cruel.

While he could understand the why of him, that would not justify the pain it may cause the innocent.

He was fatal to women. Not only because he was super rich and handsome, It because he had that aura that made women swoon and dreamed of being his chosen one.

Sheena was unaware of their interest or ploy..

As her routine, she went swimming to complete her exercise laps.

No other exercise refreshed her like swimming. It unknotted her muscles and strengthen the muscles of her heart. Yet it was not painful to your knees.

Shang deserved every dollar you pay for your stay. The pool was very clean and the water smell and tasted fresh. The warm water of the heated pool was very soothing.

Taking off her swimming cap, she shook her waist length inky black hair.

A muscle toned arms encircled her shoulders with a fresh smelling floppy cotton towel. She started surprised.

A husky voice whispered, “Permit me. The breeze is cold.”

Turning in his light embrace, she turned only to meet piercing gray eyes framed by long deep brown lashes. His face was sculpted lay handsome and his aura commanding. He was tall even for her five seven height.

She could feel his well toned body emitting heat.

For the first time in her twenty seven years of existence, Sheena’s heart palpitated excitedly. She forgot to breath. Forgot all her self defense training. Her breast pebbled under her wet one piece swimming wear, Their eyes clashed and remain deadlocked while sexual tension spiked.

Lucien’s breath hitched. The impact of ink black eyes framed by thick long lashes and her unique smell awakened all his nerve endings.

He felt all his blood rushed down and something hardened.


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