Always Back To You

Always Back To You



General Romance

When Nick and Whitney meet unexpectedly, they fall in love immediately, but challenges are thrown their way, is love enough to hold them together? Even when forces of nature tries to throw them apart they always find a way back to each other. Whitney Summer is from an Elite family, last out of Five Siblings. Protected from the dark secrets of her family. After her proposal to join the family business gets rejected .She decides to leave the house to embark on a journey after she finds out that she will be forced to marry the Heir of a Heartless and Ruthless Mafia King. She finally decides to rub away and see and explore the world she has been deprived from for years... Nicholas Brooks Son of Business Tycoon Anthony Brooks and Behind closed doors , Mafia Leader. Heir to the Family Fortunes and businesses. Ruthless in his dealings. Is sent to kidnap the daughter of Richard Summers after business deal gone wrong... They realise they have more in common, and are desperate to leave the life caved out from them.
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  It's been two weeks since I graduated from college , And I'm still sitting at home jobless not that I can't easily get a Job but I put my dreams aside because my parents promised me that I will fully Participate in the Family Business, Summers AIRWAYS AND SHIPPING , Popularly known as SAAS . We have different branches across different parts of the world and the promised to hand over our branch in New York to me ,but that's not my interest , There is a New Project coming on and she wants it to be hers. She wants to Prove herself to her parents and investors.Tomorrow she'll definitely do something about it . today is for gathering of courage and sorting of my plans for my presentation to my parents.

  NEXT DAY.....

  Waking up to an uneventful day again' This is getting boring, everyone else has something going on in their lives.... Jared has moved to Washington with his wife, Bethany just signed a Contract and is modeling for a top agency, I don't know why I'm surprised she has the body, Lilly is still Acting and she has been getting lots of endorsements lately and Christian hmm... Let me just say he's just in love ....I on the other hand is doing NOTHING and I'm TIRED AND BORED. I  need to live a little I've been having dreams of traveling and wilding out, who knows what's out there for me.

  Being the last child is difficult, at first

that is when I was younger

, I had zero to no chores, I always got what I wanted, I was spoilt with numerous gifts   little did I know that I will get tired of all this attention....

  My friends are busy moving on with their lives getting jobs or starting up their business and I'm here doing NOTHING

  My parents promised me that after college I'll take over the Family business , SUMMER AIRWAYS AND SHIPPING though most people call it SAAS LINE. We also decided to open a few Restaurants ,It's actually a new and small Project which I was hoping they will allow me work on.. I just got my degree in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT....and HECK!!!! I'm I good at Decorations...I already drafted plans for the restaurants...I guess I'll have to keep pushing to be included in all this work.....

  I quickly rushed to have my bath so I can see my parents before they go to the office and present my plan to them and if they refuse I'll threaten to go on my planned road trip, which I know the answer to....NOOO!!! Sometimes I feel my parents think I'm 18...

  I quickly bathed and dressed up in a knee length office gown and I packed my hair in a low pony tail..and wore matching low heeled shoes, To give my dressing a professional touch, I need to be taken seriously for once.

  Momm, Daddddd' I said sweetly as I walked down the stairs

  Yes honey we're in the library" my mun answered

  Perfect I thought, just the perfect location for my presentation....

  Do you feel my "tion" flowsss

  Okay maybe that's a bad joke

  I quickly made my way to the library,

  "Good Morning Daddd,Mummm"

  I'll go straight to the point , I want to be part of the Restaurant set up" I said with my most serious straight face

  'Uhm hunny'  my mum started saying, I know she's trying to come up with an excuse to stop me from being on this project as they have always done in the past, I roll my eyes and wait for what she has to say because I'm not giving up this time.

  "This project is new and it's different from the other things we've done in the past, its kind of a fragile project so we can't put you on this one" my mum explained

  I smiled cause her excuse just gave me reasons to stand my ground in this court room.Yes I said courtroom thats how badly I want this

  'Well because this project is new ,that's a whole new reason, I've not been part of the previous projects and so this project will be unique because a new mastermind will be behind it , you know I've always had a passion for this so what better opportunity to prove myself than this, I really want you guys to put this into consideration,just think about it please, pleaseeeeee, Puppy face pleaseeeee'

  "Okay okay we will think about it and we will decide whether or not you'll be given this project" my dad finally spoke up.

  "But honey you can't, we can' mum started but got interrupted as my dad shooosed her up

  "We take a look at your draft and we will also show it to the investors alongside the draft of the contractors and whoever's plan the investors decide to take will be it, okay ? My dad finalized

  ' i beamed with joy, i have a feeling my draft will be picked ,I put a lot of thoughts and effort into it and I'm sure they will go for it'

  My mum didn't look to pleased about it, I couldn't care less I'm tired of her making me feel worthless like I am not capable of doing anything good. She has always been the one to discourage my involvement with the family business all this years. She waited for my dad to leave the room then she pulled me to the other end of the room probably because she doesn't want my dad to hear her raising her voice at me

  ' what did I tell you about involving yourself in the family Business, Forget that why is your hair not straightened out properly, where is the ribbon I got you recently, You supposed to always look pretty' she kept shouting at me. I got pissed of I'm tired of her ways always looking kept and pretty like some highschool cheerleader.

  " Mum I'm not a child anymore, I can look and dress as I please. I can't keep doing everything you want. It's my life" I responded angrily.

  My mum looked at me carefully before she spoke, I just knew at that point that i was in trouble.


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